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Band Of The Ebon Vagrant
Band Of The Ebon Vagrant

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone :

Guild submitted by Cain.
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About Band Of The Ebon Vagrant
Main Goals, small info Req's and rules
The Band Of The Ebon Vagrant is guild that was formed by a unknown travelling warrior and is hidden in times of peace but when war rises they are a force to be reckoned with.

The guild is open to all who submit a application or we meet in-game. All of the ebon heart pact races are allowed to send an application to the guild.

The band consists of independent warriors who are hardened by battle and are capable of making the necessary sacrifice to win the battle. In the band disobeying orders from the leader results in instant banishment. Disobeying orders from a superior will be be brought up in the clan and the leader will decide the punishment.

This guild does not tie you down but urges you to get out there recruit warriors who are worthy. But only if you can rise up the ranks...

There are many ranks in the guild. All of them has a different meaning for the guild and you can choose freely if you want to advance in rank or if the rank you currently have pleases you. The ranks will have req's.
Req's will be added later in additional tabs.

I'll try to explain the ranks and what they do as i put them in their order from highest authority to lowest.

-----Unqestionable Rank---------
Leader- Complete Authority over everything that has to do with the guild.

Second in Command- Is chosen by the leader. Can recruit whomever.

Ascended ones- Ascended have disciples whom they lead on the battle field. Are free to do whatever on the battlefield. Can recruit anyone they see fit.

-----Commanding Rank--------
Dealers of terror- limited amount spots because we dont want to divide our guild too much. Under direct order of the leader. Commands all the roamer's in war time. Main fighting force.(can recommend unknown players to a ascended one, co-leader or leader if they want the unknown player to join the guild.)

Squad Leaders- Leads their respective squads to war. Can choose name for their squad(assault squad etc). Second in command usually guides these squads to certain objectives so we can turn the tide of the battle.(can recommend unknown players to a ascended one, co-leader or leader if they want the unknown player to join their squad.)

-----Subordinate Rank--------
Squad members- Works under their squad leaders. The reason squad members are higher ranked than disciples is they can have a specified rank within the squad. (the squad leader is free of choice on giving all these specified ranks, the squad member is also free to choose shall he accept it.)

Disciple's- Support their Ascended brothers or sisters in arms in times war and peace shall they need it.

Roamer's- First rank you have when you join the guild. Unless you join by recommendation from squad leader's or dealers.
Joining: Send a application that includes race and class. all of the recruiting will still happen in game so join us by sending an application if you cant find us ingame.

We aim to do everything in the game from establishing a financial power to dominating on the pvp fields. We also wish to make the game enjoyable for as many players as possible by letting high ranked guild members choose players who they recognize as potentially good players to join our guild and gain our support in reaching whatever goals they have set for themselves in the game.

Our members are free to do mostly whatever they want and are not tied down by duties unless the leader decides so(we being outnumbered in war etc.)

My main reason for creating this guild is that i want some sort of competitiveness in teso but nothing hardcore and having a good time while competing for the throne.

We will host tournaments inside the guild weekly if the pvp option arises.
Details will come later for those ranks that say details are still to come.

1. No Disobeying the leader
2. Respect your higher ups
3. Don't be disrespectful to anyone. In or not in the guild.
4. English only.

-----Unqestionable Rank---------
Leader- The leader can choose his successor shall he decide to pass the mantle.

Second in Command- Is chosen by the leader.

Ascended ones- Needs to have held a commanding rank before ascending. Tournaments. details will come.

-----Commanding Rank--------
Dealers of terror- Tournaments. Details will come.

Squad Leaders- If a squad leader knows he is close to ascending or becoming a dealer he can choose the successor of his squad or disband the squad. Tournaments. details will come.

-----Subordinate Rank--------
Squad members- Invitation from a squad leader or approaching one. The req's here will be decided by the squad leader.

Disciple's- Invitation only. we want the ascended ones to choose their disciples personally.

Roamer's- Recommendation. Application.
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I wish you good luck with your guild, Cain!

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