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Baragon the Pious

Started by MLGjorge
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
Firstname - Baragon
Surname - Renault
Title - Proud templar of the daggerfall covenant whom fights for the glory of akatosh
Sex - Male
Race - Breton
Age - 29
Occupation - Archeologist and Priest
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - Tall ,Green eyes , Short Brown haired and bushy beard
Personality - Charismatic , Convincing , Pious and Wise
Social Background/Backstory - Baragon was born in high rock , to a priestess and a priest , Baragon's Parents just like him followed Akatosh devotedly , His parents made enough to get by and Baragons young life could have been worse , ever since the age of 14 baragon has been saying that Akatosh spoke to him , Akatosh told him he was unhappy with the number of devoted followers he had he told baragon to rid the world off undead and daedra worshipers and he shall greatly be rewarded , Ever since then baragon has been in numerous vampire and werewolf hunting clans and guilds , Baragon's weapon of choice was his long blade whom he had bought off of a Imperial for a Large amount of coin . Baragon had began to have a fascination with Akatosh and Dwemer , He believed the dwemer worshipped akatosh and that is how they achieved such immense technological feats and that when they stopped out of their foolishness they vanished , So Baragon went south to Hammerfell where he studied and became an archeologist he found alot of new undiscovered Dwemer machines , Yet no evidence of akatosh worship , He made lots of gold selling those dwemer devices , While he still believed dwemer worshiped akatosh he was disappointed he did not find any evidence of it , He wrote severals books on his works whom were a handy guide for other archeologists . A couple of months later he decided he would go on a 1 man crusade for akatosh , he was hoping to get to speak to akatosh again , He did mercenary work asked the locals around nearly all towns in hammerfell where he could fin undead or vampires , he killed all whom he had found leaving vampire clans and werewolf clans terrified of Baragon , His 6 month crusade came to a stop when a werewolf nearly killed him in a fight , in what had to be one of the coldest winters in high rock history.
Baragon then prayed to akatosh hoping to speak to him and according to him his wish was granted , Firstly he asked akatosh if he had pleased him akatosh said "Yes your work has made me very joyful , I ask of you one thing , join the covenant slay for me" Tears of joy were falling off of Baragons eyes , he then asked akatosh if the dwemer did infact worship him , akatosh told him to continue his research and then vanished , So baragon joined the covenant and is hoping to fulfill akatosh's wish.
Best Memory - Speaking to akatosh for the 2nd time
Worst Memory - The cold winter where a werewolf nearly slashed Baragon in half
Skills - Long Blade , Heavy Armor , Restoration , Block , Alchemy and Bow
Challenges for the Character - Trying to speak to akatosh
Birthsign - The stead
Religious Views - Pious to all the divines specially akatosh
Politics Views -Akatosh has told me to join the covenant , i shall do just that if he tells me to join the dominion I'll do just that , His word is the wise word My job is to preach it"
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