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Barracuda pact
Barracuda pact

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by BuLk Redneck.
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About Barracuda pact
As a part of the Barracudda Pact you will stay loyal to ur fellow members.
To be in this Guild You must be in the Ebonheart Pact.
To Apply Now Comment what is shown in the following example.

Gamertag : InFiniTyReplayz
Character Name : Naoko Maisumi
Sex : Male
Class : Nightblade
Weapon : dual Wield/Bow
Reason for joining : Ex.
What u can bring to the guild : Ex.

Please message either InFiniTyReplayz or XHON3YBADG3ERX.
This guild is for Xbox One only.

Guild Leaders, InFiniTyReplayz and XHON3YBADG3ERX
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Barracuda pact Comments
Post #80661

Likes Given: 10
Likes Received: 20
Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Good luck with your guild

Time waits for no one but May fate, always be in your favour (Xbox one)
Shadow Brotherhood
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Post #80717

Likes Given: 0
Likes Received: 0
Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Gamertag: InFiniTyReplayz
Charater Name: Naoko
Sex: Male
Class: Nightblade
Weapon: Dual Wield/Biw
Reason: Am interested in a guild an this is the perfect one
What you bring to the guild: I will bring experience, intelligence, and skill to the guild
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