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Bastion Grims

Started by Swain
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Firstname - Bastion
Surname - Grims
Title - Excarnage
Sex- Male
Age - 41 (?)
Occupation - Vagabond
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion (Renegade)
Best Memory - Salvation from the Heart of Lorkhan.
Worst Memory - Banishment from the Shade Cressidia.
Skills - Bastion Grims' training has made him an agent of death in close quarters. His defense is his strength, being exceptional at using one's strength against them and pulling the momentum to strike where they are most vulnerable. Besides a powerful duelist, he's an adept user of Illusion and Alteration magic and uses this side-by-side with his rapiers. Among the people, he's well versed in the art of Speechcraft and has swindled the unwary more than his fair share of times.
Birthsign - Shadow
Religious Views - He would turn to Lorkhan, The Missing God, to gain power, but ultimately praise Auriel, the Elven Akatosh, for saving him from eternal darkness.
Appearance - Bastion has aged well as a Bosmer Wood Elf. His complexion is mostly fair with a mane of fading blonde hair, approaching the much lighter tones. His ears protrude outwards with vigilance and confidence. A slender figure, built but not especially strong, his lighter frame compliments his battle motif. Agile, yet deadly.
Equipment - His size allows him to only make use of lighter equipment. He has a wide arsenal of small arms, such as his two rapiers and two daggers (sheathed, on his belt or leg straps). He dons pale robes that almost seem ghost-like.
Personality - A silent chauvinist, he takes much pride in the things he does, regardless of the outcome. Ultimately, he cares for the people of Tamriel but he knows that he comes first. He has made errors in the past that imprint this mindset onto him, and he no longer hesitates when acting hastily if it saves him. He is kind when he can be, but merciless when he needs to be.
Challenges for the Character - He has a hard time finding the line between good and evil. There are times where he must make difficult choices, and these choices have caused him at times to question his own character. Where there is light, he finds solace, but where there is darkness, he finds power that he knows can help him in his journey. Chaotic, unstable power.
Backstory - Darkness. The vast emptiness of the void. Drifting in the black space that enraptured his very being, Bastion Grims felt sanity leaking out from his mind. To reach forward and never be able to feel something to touch; to put your feet down and never feel the floor below you. The darkness sated his hunger for power and his thirst for solace. But he was beginning to regret what ultimate solace really meant – and he questioned power without the ability to use said power.

This was the pact that Bastion Grims made with Lorkhan, the Missing God, to obtain the strength he needed to protect those important to him. But he was fooled by Lorkhan, given power in return for his mortal essence. His soul was absorbed by the Heart of Lorkhan, and the vestige of his once stalwart vessel became a carapace; a husk that once contained life, broken down and taken in by the earth within the Red Tower.

The time would come to pass, however, that the Dwemer would use the stone to construct the Numidium automaton golem. Doing so would expel Bastion's weaker essence into eternal torment within the Planes of Oblivion. Bastion would seek clemency from Auriel, the King of Aldmer who ascended to the High Heavens. Auriel, aware that Bastion may be ready to repent for his sins, reached into the blackness of the world's heart and gripped Bastion by the wrist, pulling with all his might to wrench Bastion's essence from the darkness which had held him so tightly.

But Lorkhan would not have someone escaping his realm, and before Bastion would have the opportunity to rise into the light of the mortal world Nirn, Lorkhan would have a seed planted deep within Bastion's heart. It would serve as a reminder of the power Lorkhan granted him, a figment of the Missing God's strength sleeping inside of Lorkhan. Bastion wouldn't feel what had happened at first, but this seed would come to grow and affect him both physically and metaphysically in the future.

Bastion found himself back within his mortal vessel, face down in the middle of nowhere. His sense of touch was excited by feeling the ground underneath him. Just the power of gravity over him was an exhilarating experience all over again. As he brought himself to his feet he felt weak in his legs, having not been used to standing upright. He took a moment to keel over and grab himself by the nubs of his knees. The smell of the twilight summer air and the sight of vast fields and mountain ranges was all so new to him again. He felt powerful. He felt reborn.

What he did not know was this growing darkness, slowly eating away at him from the inside. His time in Lorkhan's realm had become a blur that he could barely remember. But this darkness; it was feeding him gradual strength in return that he feed it his very being.

He knew that the only way to find out where and when he was was to find the nearest town and seek a member of the Shade Cressidia. If much time had truly passed, it would be possible that the members of the guild had forgotten Bastion's banishment. It was unlikely, but at the same time it was his only option.
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Daggerfall Covenant
Very nice! I wouldn't mess with him ;) Well, I might....AD and all. But I'll make sure to prepare!

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