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Battleground and Siege Tactics

Started by Guild Master
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I thought i would make a thread discussing the art of war when it comes to battlegrounds within a MMOG. I am interested any ideas people might have with the launch of TESO. I've heard lots of chatter about ideas in battlegrounds but nothing about plan of attack and how to counter these movements.

Some things have popped into mind, in earlier TES games you could gain items with the chameleon effect effectively allowing you to stack multiple items to gain near invisibility. Rouges working in sinc all stacking this could move with the right combination of abilities with deadly speed and purpose and remain undetected, taking advantage of a weak point in a battlefield giving a unique advantage to damage, as well as to offer diversion to split the oppositions attention.

Potions that led to levitation and water breathing, could such potions or enhancements play to a teams strengths. in oblivion and morrowind levitation was possible for short duration, could teams make use of moats to move undetected through murky waters, and could a high profit guild equip its members with multiple levitation potions rushing a wall and raising over it or moving from the wall and gaining slow fall meaning they can escape unhindered, and if the follower gave chase would take a terrible blow to his/her HP.

Explosives hand held alchemy that can do damage to walls, an army of stealthed rouges could really cause problems especially if carrying these and co-ordinated an attack at a weak or low defended point of entry. lots of these ideas have been going through my head, and how i can effectively incorporate them when organsing battlegrounds.

[Image: 2.jpg]

Don't know if this has been covered yet but are battlegrounds going to involve all 3 factions or will they pit 1v1, the only reason i'm asking this is you can get a lot of boosting people and a lot of underhand deals going on, for example you have two large guilds with 300-400+members each from different factions entering battleground queue at the same time, they can arrange to assault one team first or effectively not win but farm kill points from graveyards working together, there's nothing more demoralizing than being backed into your spawn, knowing if you leave you'll have to wait 30 mins until you can enter once again. this worries me

Any ideas commanders that people would like to implement into the battlefield anything they have found in past elder scroll games that could be used for an advantage?

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Simple answer to gy camping is that you res within your main cities walls and you wont get camped cos npc guards will one shot opposing faction members who get to close same shit as guild wars.
As far as the other abilitys u mention lets hope they are implemented.

to add to this id like to see wall ladders for scaling forts also like to see destructable environments like if u hit a tree with fire it burns to the ground or u can light up grass to burn big areas for strategicness. also like to use torches to throw at objects to raze villages to the ground. but meh this is all dribble hope sucks ill just wait till it comes out and play it however they make it
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Just make it like gw2 where each team has a safe zone area where everyone rezzes. players can't be attacked inside it and its guarded by invulnerable npc guards that will nearly one shot you if you try and get close. Also there are multiple ways to leave the base so its almost impossible to get camped.

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