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Battlemage DK Tank

Started by Jbrock7
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Hail All, thought I would solicit some feedback on my DK build. I appreciate the comments, pos or neg.

I'm going for a Battlemage build for the front lines, PvE and PVP. I'm going with a Dunmer DK Dual-wield Axes with Ardent Flame. I'm going heavy armor, even though I know I will go over the soft cap, I want the passives. Most of my character points will go into Health and Stamina, and I'll spell craft my armor for mana and mana regen. The dual-wield gets me the skills, DK and Ardent flame get me the spells and chain pull. I'm thinking I should be able to put out some serious damage, with decent survivability. I'll probably go healing staff and Mage guild spells for my second weapon, mainly for soloing and group benefits.

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