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Baviir: A Sea of Pebbles

Started by Lurgahk
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((This is my first attempt at roleplaying a Redguard. I'm creating these stories to help me figure out which character I'll play at launch, so I'd very much appreciate feedback.))

Part 2 - Fickle Hopes
[Image: Esodesert_zps1cdfca31.png]
Fredas, 31st of First Seed, 2E 579

The Alik'r Desert is a silent, barren region, filled with only the most resilient of creatures. Only those with immense willpower can pass through its endless arms of sand, and come out on its fingertips. A Nord from the snowy region of Skyrim would surely not be able to reach the other end of this wasteland. Yet the Redguard of Hammerfell, do this as a rite of passage. Their youth venture out into the dry sea, and hope to come out victorious. To do so, would mean you are finally respected as an adult, and as a warrior who can endure.

A crude piece of red fabric floated through the winds of the Alik'r Desert, insignificant to most in Tamriel, but crucial to those who would call these sands home. A crude piece of cloth can provide even the smallest amount of protection to a naked body. A crude piece of cloth can cover a man's head to keep sand from clawing at his cheeks. A crude piece of cloth can cover one's mouth, and keep them from choking on the millions of pebbles that ride through the air...

Baviir let out a harsh scream. "NO!" The young Redguard ran through the sands, his feet sinking into the ground, chasing perhaps the one piece of clothing he needed the most. He'd taken it off for only a brief moment to remove the rocks that had been trapped inside, and in that one instant, a gust of wind pulled the headpiece from his grasp and sent it twirling into the air. Baviir fell to his knees in frustration, and just as he had done so, he knew he had made a grave mistake.

He could not bring himself to stand. It was as if he could hear the soothing whisper of the sands calling to him, pleading with him to stay. It begged him to lie down and rest his eyes for only a few moments, but Baviir knew what they really wanted. They wanted him to sleep in this spot for an eternity and he decided to oblige.

Baviir finally collapsed in the warm bed, his head facing the west. Sweat streamed down his forehead, dampenening his clothing, but this water gave him no relief from the sun's heat. Oh, what he would do for a single swig of water to wet his dry tongue. What he would do for a single drop from the clouds to simply trickle onto his brow. He had never anticipated for this journey to be so difficult.

His eyes pointed down at the sand below him, and he was amazed. He realized that every grain of sand that filled this desolate ocean, was a tiny pebble. He thought it beautiful, and mystifying, how these small rocks formed together to create a massive heap that conceals the land below it. Then he began to wonder what was under all of this sand. Were there trees? Was there water?

His thoughts turned to his lover, Tazin. He imagined seeing her sparkling brown eyes, gazing into his. Truthfully, the two were not lovers, nor did Baviir even know if she had the same feelings for him, as he did her. So far, they had simply been friends, but Baviir wished for more. She had already completed her rite of passage many moons ago with ease. Baviir feared that he could not ask Tazin to be his lover, if he had not done the same. He could not wait until he returned to Sentinel and finally pressed his lips against hers.

Baviir quickly opened his eyes, and with a groan, he stood to his feet. He had almost fallen asleep. He looked up towards the horizion, searching for the piece of cloth he had so desired. It seemed to have flown behind one of the painstakingly large dunes that littered the landscape.

No matter, the Redguard was determined. He took the scimitar from his hip, cut off the sleeve on his right arm, and tied the fabric around his mouth. He squinted in the distance, looking for what direction he was to walk in. His quest was to reach the city of Gilane, only then would he be able to venture back on the roads to Sentinel.

He began his journey again by trudging up the first dune. When he had reached the top, he let out a loud, hardy laugh. He could see Gilane on the horizon. How close he had been to giving up, when he had nearly completed his quest.

He looked towards the sky. He whispered, with a grin on his face. "I'll return soon, Tazin."
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