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Baviir: Fickle Hopes

Started by Lurgahk
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Part 1 - A Sea of Pebbles
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Tirdas, 4th day of Morning Star, 2E 579

Baviir could barely believe his eyes. He was watching Tazin walk away into the desert with her newfound lover, Potka, a guard from Sentinel, Baviir's friend no less. He could do nothing to prevent them from running away and finding a home in Dragon Grove. He was overcome with rage, and wanted to beat Potka mercilessly, alas he couldn't. He couldn't move.


His feet were sinking into the sand, and he could do nothing but witness the horrifying scene before him. The sand was up to his knees, and for some reason Baviir could not move his arms to push the sand away. "COME BACK HERE, COWARD!"

He continued screaming at Tazin and Potka, as they grew more and more distant. The sand had reached his waist. No longer was his mind filled with rage, for his lips quivered and tears streamed onto his beard. "PLEASE...DON'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!"

The sand had reached his chin. Baviir raised his head towards the sky, trying to keep the rocks from reaching his mouth. "Please..." And all of a sudden, the sound of the shifting sands stopped, and all was silent. Baviir looked around, yet the two lovers were no where to be found. What kind of foul magic was that? He thought.

After hours and hours of weeping, his cries eventually ceased. He struggled to dig his way out of the sand, but it was no use, his shoulders had been buried. He decided to simply wait there, and hope for someone to come along and rescue him.

Hours later, the sun was just about to fall behind the dunes, when Baviir saw something circling overhead. It was the bird of death..

One of the buzzards landed in front of Baviir, close enough so that he could stare into the creature's black eyes. Another bird landed to his right, and another to his left. The birds descended upon him until his head was completely surrounded by the menacing beasts. Just as he was about to let out a terrified scream, the birds exploded, spraying blood onto Baviir's clothes.

He opened his eyes to see the boatsman standing over him with a bucket in hand. "Get up. We've arrived."

Middas, 5th Day of Morning Star, 2E 579

Potka could barely believe this was the man he had said goodbye to only nine days prior. The man before him appeared as if he had been beaten and ransacked by fifty-eight members of the Fighter's Guild. Yet, despite his tatteredand exhausted appearance, he was as angry as Potka had ever seen him. He'd seen his friend decapitate his opponents, and start numerous fights over a flask of ale, but for the first time in his life, Potka himself, feared Baviir's rage.

A madman was screaming at the top of his lungs, just at the gates of Sentinel. "WHERE DID SHE GO!? HOW COULD SHE JUST LEAVE WITHOUT WAITING UNTIL I RETURNED?" He yelled.

"No one knew if you would even return at all." Potka knew he had said something wrong when his friend grew a menacing scowl.

"I truely don't know, Baviir, she's probably gone to Daggerfall. She just said that she was off to join the Breton King's army or some other nonsense such as that." Potka stood with his chin held high. His friend was not the only person he must keep up appearances with. The people of Sentinel could not see one of their guards being intimidated by a simple lunatic.

Baviir gripped the bridge of his nose in frustration, and let out a deep sigh. "Fine then." He turned on his heels and began walking back to his home.

"Where are you going?" Potka called to him.

"High Rock." Baviir took a deep breath, and exhaled from his nose. He'd never been out of Hammerfell before, and he was unsure what he'd find outside of its borders. The only thing that he was sure of, is that he needed to find Tazin.
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