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Beating the game, content and endgame progress

Started by Rage
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This was originally ment as reply to Hentys post about SWTOR fail, but as usually I went offtopic alot and decided to share my opinion in separate thread.
I do not think SWTOR failed because of pricing model. They failed to arrange server transfers in time and they were very slow with content. They made a WoW clone without being able to keep up with blizzards content (and fake-content) factory.

I dont think that would be major issue of TESO as the approach on content seem rather innovative. Let us hope they shall implement randomness in gearing as well, to cut off the "best in slot" lists and make sure players have always reason to go in dungeons instead of finishing their shopping list and farting around capitol to "look awesome". Randomness in drops like we are seeing in Diablo or Borderlands would sort that out and diminish problem of "no im not going into that dungeon, I already got my loot from it".

Major problem as I see it is how mmo players evolved (or degenerated) into elitist community. From GW2 and SWTOR I already noticed how great it is not having damage meters in game, or not being able to inspect people. In such situation peep shall no longer be annoyed about their average gear lvl, but judged as players

I noticed disagreement between Sordak and Faulgor about player skills vs gear. Personally I would love both balanced. We already know skill is going to be there no matter what, due to the combat system. But gear should be in balance with it as its separate way of progression (yes player skill progress might not be visible but its there. After 150h you will know your stuff way batter that you did before no matter if you admit it or not). Again, you should be judged as player and that is sum of your skills and gear

As far as gear progress goes, we have got bad example of gear being everything (WoW) and having very low progression curve (GW2). I belive the optimum is in between them and according to Nick Konkle gear will matter, upscaled lvl10 fella in battleground wont be able to kill regular lvl50 due to that difference

Hope that gives sense Sick

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i will not discuss this again (because there is a thread for this) however i will go on on another point you mentioned..

Content is the big word. However it is to be determined wether or not the classic way of delivering content will be sufficient (it wont)

This is why i like to point out that in TESO, simmilar to DaoC the PvP will be the core aspect of the game that will make people stick to it. this game wont be a sandbox as sad as it is. However there are sandboxy elements, by that i mean the PvP. therfor i hope that they will capitalize on several "renewable" so to speak ways of delivering content and by that i do not mean daylies.

In fact i mean content that is based around interactiong with other players. The main principle of an MMO has been, even in the time of the MUDs, the interaction between players. Living and adventure with other people. That alone was enaugh back in the days of Ultima Online. But these days people want more and more content, and they eat through it just that fast.
Here comes a factor that bewilders me. Most MMO developers forget that the interaction is something to capitalize on. They think "ok its standart, so we have to put stuff ON TOP of it to make it fun" instead. They should think about not how to put content on top of the multiplayer but how to enhance the multiplayer and make content out of that.

PvP is a noteable example, sandbox elements are too and with everquest 2 and neverwinter (and a certain f2p game that i forgot) elements have been, and will be introduced that allow the players to generate content for others to play. modding in a nutshell.

this beeing just one example of this working. Player generated content is the word of the day. This is growing big in recent valve games with the so called Steam workshop, most of you will know it from Skyrim. However it is used in TF2 and DotA 2 to actually get items in a multiplayer game. A simmilar system is applied in EQ2.

Note however that player generated content doesnt just mean items, quests and stuff like that. Anyone remembers the time when ingame marriages and stuff like that were big? People need to incentivise this. on a grand scale. These are just examples i put there. I guess you can come up with a few more.

As a last thing i will leave this interview with SOE in there, while SOE is always a bit of a dodgy subject. They are showing goodwill in recent times and that interview, mostly concerning planetside 2 and EQ Next could give you some nice ideas to what could be missing in Elder scrolls online, and more importantly what could enhance it
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I think that SWTOR started with too many servers in the first place. Server cap was too low at launch, so they added servers they didn't really need in the end. Based on their current speak about their version of megaservers, they could have avoided the whole server debacle by being less conservative and using the best tech they had. TESO will avoid this problem thanks to the one megaserver.

The problem with damage meters is that a very loud number of people - I assume a minority - were literally angry of not getting them in SWTOR. Elitism was their reason, but to make a succesful game, you need to throw bones to the elitists too. I'm personally never bothered with them, as I can see how well others play without them and others can see it about me. I have usually played healers and in SWTOR a tank and if my group wipes too often, people will know that I am lousy healer or a lousy tank and avoid me. But, if damage meters are the hook to pull an important segment of gamers into the game, then they should do it in my opinion.

When it comes to randomness... I think that MMOs could use more randomly generated instanced content to keep happy people who don't want to repeat the same exact content. STO has small randomly generated planet surfaces, if I remember my brief experience with CoH/CoV correctly, it had small randomly generated instanced quests. So, in MMOs I think there could be randomly generated small to medium instances based on parameters - difficulty, amount of opponent NPCs, number of mini-bosses and bosses - which the players choose. It would be a lot of work for the dev team of course, but I think that it's something that could work. Same would go with randomly generated PvP battlegrounds. Developers could get the extra amount of money spent back by allowing people with subscription or through microtransaction to save the instances which they like for later re-run.
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