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Beolux Theri

Started by Turnkey
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Firstname - Beolux
Surname - Theri
Title - N/A
Sex - Female
Race - Bosmer
Age - 25
Occupation - Recruit in the Aldmeri Dominion
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion
Personality - Good manners, Strict for tradition
Social Background/Backstory -

In Bosmerian eyes it is rumored that the Theri bloodline is a direct descendant of king Eplear himself. The first Bosmer king that founded the Camoran Dynasty and united the wild Bosmer, thus started the First Era and the recording of time.

Daughter to her mother Gwinmel Theri, a priestess of Y'ffre and her father a simple Hunter. Born 2E 558 and raised in the remote north-western part of Valenwood forrest. It was forseen at her birth that Beolux would grow up to be a great servant of Y'ffre like her mother.
Therefore Beolux spent her young years learning from her mother, the ways of the Storyteller, which are Y'ffres teachings and lessons of the mortal plane. And after many years of practice Beolux' knowledge of the world and nature around her, gave her powers in in Alchemy and Restoration. Which she practiced someday in the nearby glade not far from her home...

-Hoofs thundering the ground began echoing through the woods nearby-

Beolux' ears turned in the direction of the sounds. Her eyes dialated and she turned her ears to the glades ground to determine the source as she had learned, breathing panickly -"Centaurs!". She feverishly packed morter and alchemy vials from the lush green grass into her bag, which she tied tightly and securely strapped to her back.

-The sound of hoofs had ceased-

There was a creepy silence between the trees. Beolux looked around and couldn't decide which direction to leg it. She then clinged to the nearest tree and like an acrobatic monkey she climbed the tall oak. Quitely as a mouse she hid in the thick bushy tree, her ears turning and twisting trying to locate any sound. Suddenly, the sounds of hoofs against the ground returned, this time more intense and louder. Beolux tried to be as small as possible up in the oak tree, avoiding detection.
As expected a group of 7 centaurs came crashing through bushes and slowed down while striding through the glade looking suspiciously around.
Beolux notices that some of the centaurs were smeared in blood and one of them had been injured, most likely from an arrow it seemed. But the only Bosmers around with a bow and arrow were her father. As soon as the centaurs were out of sight, Beolux jumped from the oak and landed in the middel of the glade and took off in the direction of home.
When she arrived, it was as she had feared. Blood showed that a fight had taken place just outside the hut.

Beolux staggered the last couple of steps over to the door. As she opened it and looked inside she collapsed to her knees and buried her face in her palms. She didn't say anything but the horrific scene of dead corpses belonging to her beloved mother and father salughtered brutally with hooks and axes was devestating for Beolux.
She weakly stood up and saw her fathers bow with some arrows laying spread out over a pool of blood. Confidently she took the bow and drew it as hard as she could holding it for awhile, getting a feel of her fathers weapon.
Beolux scavanged some essential things from her lost home and then turned and walked away from her old life.
It was 2E 583. She had heard of the war and the forming of the Aldmeri Dominion. Not belonging to any thing anymore, she set course for nearest civilization.

Best Memory - Learning her first spell by her mother in the glade
Worst Memory - Seeing her mother and fathers corpses
Skills - Magicka of restoration, Archery
Challenges for the Character - Staying true to her beliefs passed on from her family
Birthsign - N/A
Religious Views - Teachings of Y'ffre (Spirit of the now)
Politics Views - She believes in the cause of the dominion
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