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Berserk Einherjar-Ebonheart-PC/Mac/(hopefully ps4)
Berserk Einherjar-Ebonheart-PC/Mac/(hopefully ps4)

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Goibhniu.
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About Berserk Einherjar-Ebonheart-PC/Mac/(hopefully ps4)
Main Rules Ranks, Jobs, Other
We are the Berserk Einherjar, We fight every day, day preparing for the end of the world. We are the perfect army. We fight and die on the Field of Vigrid and are revived the next day to do it again. We have no fear of for death is with us, the Choosers of the Slain, The Valkyrie's.

All races are welcome in this guild, as well as both male and female characters. We will accept NO VAMPIRES, any vampires are to be killed on sight but any werebeasts are welcome.

Guild Website:

The Einherjar guild is a group that will definitely be doing PvP, but will also focus on crafting and exploring dungeons. Any members that want a certain item but cant craft it themselves can ask the guild crafters for help as long as you bring the materials.

I will be using a voice chat system called raid call. Do not need To use it but it is free , easy to use and easier than typing everything mid-battle.
URL: for that is: When you join guild and if you wish to use this, then PM me on the website and I shall give you the chat number for you to join and then VOILA, your in raidcall.

Any one is welcome in this Guild Except for Vamps.
Guild Rules:
1. No killing or stealing from other members to be a jerk.
2. No killing Innocents
3. Werewolves and other creatures are allowed to join
4. do not attack the werebeasts unless they attack first
5. Vampires Prohibited, all of those vile creatures are to be attacked on sight.
6. Must be in Ebonheart pact
7. Listen to your higher ranking members. (More info on this on the next tab)
8. Any body wishing to leave the guild may do so but you will not tell the other guilds anything about our guild. if you do you will be on a hit list and constantly attacked.
9. Do not attack anybody that is Aldmeri Dominion, or Daggerfall Covenant that are also members of this guild. any body else besides the current members are free game.

Real life requirements. requirements:
1. no age restriction and dirty jokes are allowed, but no racial slurs about real people. Can call the elves or cats whatever you want though
2. Do not need to be in beta to join.
3. Must speak English. Does not have to be first language, but must speak it fluently enough so we can understand you.
Are 5 ranks Lowest to highest they go Levies, Drang, Theng, Huscarl, then Drott. If you are a female then instead of Drott you will be a Valkyrie Instead.

To ascend ranks you must participate in x number of raids, dungeon crawls, castle sieges, castle defenses or Kill a certain creature. Your current level will also help determine but is not the biggest factor in the ranking up system.

The leader will be at the rank AEsir.

The Levies will carry out the most menial tasks but do not listen to Drang's Or Theng's. Dreng's do less then Levies and don't listen to Theng's. Theng's do even less than Drengs. So over all in Each platoon There will be at least 5 Levies, Drang's, Or Theng's.

Each platoon will have a guy who keeps order but doesn't make any decisions, the Huscarl.

There are 2 Huscarls for every 1 Valkyrie or Drott. These guys will make the decisions for the platoon's like ranking up and punishments.

All of the Valkyrie's or Drott's listen to The Aesir. If a member in one of the platoon's gets to a high enough rank and his Valkyrie or Drott thinks he should BECOME a Valkyrie or Drott, they will tell the Aesir and the Aesir shall decide whether or not they shall advance to Drott or Valkyrie.

There is an additional rank that can be achieved only if you are the Leader of a guild yourself, and also a member of this guild. an Emissary. They Listen to nobody in the guild, and are advisors to the AEsir. They can also request help from us if their guild needs it or we can ask them for help. They also Gain full Benefits of being a member of this guild. Crafting, job requests, etc.

To recap, The AEsir Controls all of the Valkyrie or Drott's. Each Drott or Valkyrie controls 2 huscarl and the members of their platoon. Those Huscarl do not control anything but instead enforce the rules or their commanding officer's will. The last three ranks do all the menial things and are on the frontlines of the battle. Levies, Drang's, and Theng's only listen to members ranking Drott/Valkyrie or higher. Emissary's obey no one in the guild and gain full benefits of the guild.

Jobs include the crafting side of things, alchemy, armor, weapon, jewelry (?), enchanters, and provisions (food). These Are here for the members of the guild who have high crafting skills to do crafting jobs for the people that can't craft that particular item themselves. You must bring your materials to the crafter in order for him to make the item.

Other jobs may be availible if higher ranking members or the Aesir asks you to gather materials or fetch an item. For that job to count, the person who gave that job must tell the AEsir so that it will go into the books ,so to speak, so it will count. If the job is not reported it does not affect your rank, negatively, or positively. You can refuse to do that particular job, but let it be known that you can also increase in rank by doing these jobs.
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Berserk Einherjar-Ebonheart-PC/Mac/(hopefully ps4) Comments
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
This guild is for all Kinds of players. Noobs and Masters. But would still prefer masters *wink* *wink*. I plan on getting ESO for ps4 as well. if i do then this guild will also be on ps4. Join Now!

Join Berserk Einherjar
Available for any Alliance.
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian) I think this song goes perfectly with TESO.

Till all are one.
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Yes definetly should be like the main song for TESO

Join Berserk Einherjar
Available for any Alliance.
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