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Started by Nicklas
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Name: Bes-Soul-Taker
Sex - Male
Race - Argonian
Age – Mid-twenty
Occupation – Every little jobs he can find.
Faction – Dark brotherhood for some money that allow him to pursue his personal research.
Appearance – A green argonian of small build with no bright colors, small horns.
Personality – In the outside he is the typical calm Argonian. From the inside, he is a passionate historian who wishes to know everything of the dragon priests of the past… and even live like one.  Lying openly to get what he wants, sneaking his way around for the most convenient solution for him, the only thing he find relevant is his research.
Social Background/Backstory - What has happened in your life:
Bes grew up in captivity in Morrowind. Working for wealthy Dunmer scholars, they find in him a quick learner, proficient speaker and magically talented. When his chores were done, they mostly inevitably found him in the library, reading books about ancient dragon priests. They chose to cultivate his passion for books and reading by adding some book research in his chores instead of the common stable cleaning he was normally supposed to do. They were only starting to get a glimpse of his potential benefits to their work when the temple was raided by Argonians. Everyone was slaughtered and the child released and brought back to Black Marsh. They thought that the resistance he opposed was due to some kind of spell they must had put on him. They couldn’t figure out why an Argonian would be allied with Dunmers. Placed in a "normal" Argonian family, he quickly started to hate his new home. The swamps were nothing like the clean temple and nice foods he was used to. He simply couldn’t live in so much dirt. His new family was common burglars, so far from the sophisticated priests he used to be with. Since his name that was way too Dunmer for his new parents, after a few months they decided to take their new child to the naming ceremony to give him a more suitable name. Since its arrival in Black Marsh the young boy seemed to be prone to kill every beast he found, they decided that Bes-Soul-Taker would be a suitable name for him. He thought that for once they were right. Especially since a few days later he did take their souls and left what they were calling home, without a look back. He thought of going back to Morrowind and so began heading north. At least he thought it was north. His lack of life in the wilderness hadn’t prepared him for the journey he was undertaking. He eventually ended up in Cyrodiil. It was way too crowded for him. So, for the next few years, he simply wandered from town to town, getting simple jobs to keep alive and never staying anywhere for too long. He simply couldn’t feel at home anywhere.  Avoiding conflicts as much as possible, he often wandered in the mountains. Enjoying the calm he could find there. The only trip he made in Morrowind shown him that it wasn’t his place any more. He craved the feeling of being respected, loved and acknowledge has he was starting to be during his captivity. During one of his travels, he found a strange temple, like nothing he ever saw before. There, after skipping by many dangers, he found the resting place of an ancient dragon priest. That discovery reignite the flame he thought once lost and started again to search about these priests…
Best Memory – When he first saw the tomb of a dragon priest.
Worst Memory – When he was rescued by the Argonian and brought to Black Marsh
Skills – He tries to mimic the dragon priests of once in every aspect, from what they were wearing to the way they were fighting.
Challenges for the Character – Lack of trust toward basically everyone.
Birthsign - Atronarch
Religious Views – He is fascinated by dragon priests, but not religious.
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Daggerfall Covenant
He needs to be fleshed out a bit perhaps more skills and challenges

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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