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Besmond Savard

Started by Nicklas
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Firstname - Besmond

Surname - Savard

Title – Snake tongue (for those who give him one)

Sex - Male

Race - Breton

Age - 25

Occupation - Enchanter/Necromancer

Faction - Anyone who needs him.

Appearance - Short, almost bald, dark brown hair for what's left, prominent lower jaw and a flat nose gives him an unpleasant look.

Personality - In the outside he is the typical nice guy always ready to help. That's mainly for the personal gratification he gets when saving someone or be praised for having helped. From the inside, he is a twisted tongue, lying openly to get what he wants, sneaking his way around for the most convenient solution for him. He is always prone on relying on misdirection and stealth to get what he wants. Necromancer, he loves to play with death and control souls and vital forces.

Social Background/Backstory –
Besmond grew up in a pretty common Breton family. Father was a merchant and is mother a teacher. His brother was a carpenter who was running on gold by building houses. His smaller build and less attractive look always made him more of a loner. Bad at physical prowess, aim and crafting skills he was way more proficient with is head than his hands. He couldn’t be further apart from his brother. Coming from such "normal" family, it would have been surprising to see how dark his soul was. Seemingly extremely generous, compassionate and loving men he had all the qualities of the average "good guy". Still, a part of his soul was dark as coal. Sometimes intransigent in is opinions, he could be able of the worst atrocities, only his self-preservation forbidden him from all the dark things that could cross his mind... at least in public.
He had few friends but those he considered as such were very important in his heart. Loving to help and reasonably good at medical things, he would have loved to become a healer, learning to control the vital force of someone and having control over someone’s life. With a good note book he could make decent potions. Despite being intelligent, he did not have enough memory for deeper study as a medical healer for the empire. Since he did not meet the imperial standards for medical study as a battlefield healer, his love of learning and natural magical predisposition lead him to seek a field of magical study he would love. Conjuration became a natural choice for him. Loving books, he already had a huge collection of books about Daedric princes. Mastering the planes of oblivion, summoning minions he could control, learning about those strange worlds, he was like fish in the water. But his thirst for control of life itself was greater than the intolerance against necromancy. He was often seeking the cover of a dark cave to practice his art. Often on animals or creatures, as it was less susceptible of being noticed.
Best Memory - The first time he felt a soul in his total control.
Worst Memory - When he was discovered has being a necromancer back in his home city. Had to kill every witness before leaving as far as possible.
Skills - Necromancer and conjurer, sneaky character with proficient one-handed skill.
Challenges for the Character - Too much of a savior's complex. He is a necromancer, an outlaw but at the same time he gets so much gratification form playing the savior that he cannot stay away from someone needing help. Not being strong he would normally need help of a follower to fend enemies, but his dark secret means he need to be cautious on who he let close.
Birthsign - Atronarch
Religious Views - Daedric worshiper of Hermaeus Mora, prince of forbidden knowledge.
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there is room to build on this guy but he is done Fairly well

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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Agreed. Like how this guy react if up against say someone who can see through lies? Its the different actions to scenearios also really helps define a character.

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