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Started by chocobacon
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Who all got invited and who's as excited as I am!?!? I'm got work on Friday and Sunday but I'm going to play straight through Saturday and probably after close on the other two days.
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Not Set
Aren't you meant to not tell people you got in, or has that been changed as the launch draws closer? And I didn't get an invite, I'm not hopeful because you will probably need to be 18 :p
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It says fairly clearly in the NDA that you're not supposed to tell people you got in the beta. While ZOS has said they won't be giving out bans for simply saying it, it causes a huge slippery slope for you with all the little possible slips of the tongue and friends hounding you for information. Literally anything about the beta other than "I got in" is grounds for a ban from ZOS. During one of the earlier betas someone streamed on ONLY the login screen and ONLY talking about how he's looking foreword to it while waiting for the server to open up. He got banned within 5 minutes. Just saying, talking about it may not be worth the consequences.

On a side note, is this poll anonymous or open?
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Avatar created by Arisen.
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Although it's awesome if members here are now part of the Beta, per the Zenimax Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) we should refrain from creating threads directly pertaining to entry into the Beta.

-HS, Moderator

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