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Beta Character - Full Game?

Started by ShadowDog
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1st off I'm new to the site so I apologize if I posted this in the wrong area.

But I was wondering if anyone knew if the Console Beta character were going to be cross overs. (I ask cause I just through together the character not really focusing on appearances or anything and if so id like to start over. Not that I play betas to get ahead but why waste time.)

Also wondering if its going to be cross platform?

Thank You in advance for any constructive help
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"We will be wiping all characters from the ESOTU console beta before the official worldwide launch on June 9th"

"No, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One players will have their own megaservers—one for North America and one for Europe, respectively. For the beta (and at launch)"

2 quotes from the offical ESO website regarding the recent console beta, hope this helps :)
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