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Beta feedback - where?

Started by Aron The Brave
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Ive got a beta key for the weekend test.. question is, how do i - after the test - give feedback to the developers? I have yet to be informed on this.. as far as i've noticed..

EDIT: found out. Ive been told that I'll be informed on this, + that i can give feedback ingame with /feedback command ;-D
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*Don't* give Feedback, certainly not. If you have received the Beta invite, you have there two links, one 'Create Beta account' (big button)

and one lower in the text, where you find a link to the ESO Forum. There you'll given a credential under which you can log into the Beta Forums. There you're supposed to give Feedback, no where else. Where exactly you have to give Feedback on the Beta forum you have to ask someone on the Beta Forum.

Hoped that helped

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