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Biography of Xinz'r

Started by Xinz'r
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Ebonheart Pact

[Image: bpDThs0.jpg]

Name & nicknames: Known as Xinz'r and One-Who-Wieves-Web, his true name remains a mystery,as he doesn't want to reveal it to anyone. If you ask him why, he will probably either stay quiet, not giving an answer, or mutter something about old "friends", still not giving direct answer.

Race: Argonian

Gender: Male

Age and Birth Sign: Unknown age, Birth Sign being The Ritual

'At first glimpse...': Fact that he is someone important is visible from the first sight. His nonchalant posture, courteous manners and always emotionless red eyes leave most people having mixed first impressions of Xinz'r. At all times he displays complete calmness, like he has everything in control, some may even call him arrogant because of that. Usually completely silent, reserved and with ocassional deciding comments in discussions. He behaves same around his friends, with only difference being that he will offer more personnal opinion about the topic.

Background: Not many is known about Xinz'r's past, as he doesn't want to talk to anyone about it. If you ask him about his birth place, he will say that he was born somewhere between cities which are today known as Lilmoth and Blackrose, in southern parts of Black Marsh, under the sign of The Ritual, but that that place doesn't exist anymore. If you ask him about anything else, he will leave you without an answer, not willing to talk about it - as he probably experienced things... or commited things he doesn't want to remember nor talk about. During some serious conversations, he sometimes says to other people that "he is much older than them and to just trust his decisions", and while looking at his pale scales and red eyes, you realize what he meant by that. Only thing that he revealed about his past is that, since he was born in Sign of the Ritual, he was taught in Sithis and Hist religion from early age.

Personality, beliefs & perceptions: Xinz'r is distrustful of other people, but once he decides in his mind that someone is a friend, he becomes completely loyal and open. He has respect for every culture in Tamriel and beyond, but he is known to be fascinated by Maormer and ancient Falmer (Snow Elven) culture, and dissapearance of the Dwemer. He doesn't have prejudice about any race, and likes to make friends of allraces. On the other hand, on mere mention of Dres or Telvanni, you can see spark of pure hatred in his eyes, making you stop talking about them immediatelly.

He never runs away from conflicts, as he considers them one of fundamental ways to progress in life, as you have to adapt to new circumstances in order to win. It is known that he once said that in few periods of his life, only thing that has driven him was pure desire to show superiority over certain enemy. His nickname, One-Who-Wieves-Web, was given to him by his friends because of his way of winning in these situations - by making a complex plan of how to capture and crush his enemies once they do something that will trigger unstoppable chain of events of his plan, just like a spider and his prey. Because he was never defeated in his life, eventually he became somewhat arrogant, behaving like a leader wherever he comes.

It is known that he is devoted worshipper of Sithis.

Strengths: His calmness has saved him and his friends many times in history, as he succeeds in being calmed and rational in all situations, never giving himself to panick. He is Master Alchemist, and good with two daggers he wields always. He also practices what he calls "Void magic", most of which is known to others as "Illusion school of magic". His past victories and more that average inteligence are what eventually made him arrogant.

Weaknesses: His arrogance and uncompromisingness made him lose his friends in history, and are reasons why he sometimes repeats same mistakes over and over.

Appearance and physique: Pale black/grey scales, dark red eyes and average Argonian height. Usually wear his black/red leather Argonian-inspired armor, always hooded and with his face covered. He has white skull warpaint on his face. When he removed the hood, you can see that he has two black horns, and black feathers on his head.

Inventory: Three daggers (two on belt and one in left boot,since he is left-handed), bow and arrows on his back. Food, water in his backpack, and strange silver amulet he always carries arround for an unknown reason. Apparently it depicts stylized Argonian head.

Quote:"Without strife and struggle, your victory has no meaning. Without strife, you do not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."

- Xinz'r, Master of Scion

[Image: Argonian-symbol.png]
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