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Black Hearts, Mature 21+ age, International, Vent Req, PvP, PvE, Crafting

Started by Starkiller-BH
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The Black Hearts were founded in Y2K in preperation for the launch of EA Games Multiplayer Battletech 3025 as the Disciples of Carnage 5th Regiment. We have transitioned through many games and alliances through the years and still remain true to ourselves regardless of attempts to change our core values. If you are looking for an mature guild that likes to have fun and play games with each other, all the while completing content a game has to offer, with a group that becomes more than just guild mates over the course of getting to know one another, than maybe we are what you are looking for.
Now, with that said we can be irreverant and like to make fun of Xflame's mom and Boyd on a burrito binge, or talk about Aannaeyalia's latest sexual escapade, but we will not tollerate racism of any sort. We do not want your baby momma drama either and will not tollerate it. Over the years we have tried to be nice to people that do not fit in with us for the sake of being decent human beings, but those days are long gone. If you do not fit in with us then go somewhere you do fit in.
We are looking for players that are 21+ age and realize the people you play with is more important than the piece of gear you get this evening. If you want to work with others and have fun doing it, while accomplishing things casually that it takes younger players more time to accomplish by doing it 7 nights a week, then feel free to contact one of us in game, respond to this thread, send me a pm on the forums or drop by our website and fill out an application!
Yes, EVERYONE fills out an application, even I have filled them out many times for the guild over the years. If you can not be bothered to take 5 minutes to fill out a decent application, then you do not have the dedication to the guild we are looking for.
We use ventrilo as our primary means of communication. If you do not wish to participate in ventrilo, you will not fit in with us. We suggest headsets if you are worried someone will hear what we are saying in ventrilo as we do not restrict language nor censor what our friends wish to say. We have a lifetime paid for 100 slot ventrilo server for the guilds use.
We have a website we expect people to be at least moderately active on. You do not have to spend every waking hour on the website, but we do expect you to sign up for events, post game relevant information and if you feel like it non game related things as well. We are a community of like minded individuals not just a guild that raids 3 nights a week like some guilds do in various games.
So after reading all that if you are still here, feel free to contact:

Colonel Starkiller

Major Mega Deth

Captain Gabriel
Captain Phalse
Captain Tech Hazard
Captain Ternol
Lieutenant Arkhon
Lieutenant Arkhubar
Lieutenant Boyd of Zinj
Lieutenant Catwoman
Lieutenant Kittylicous
Lieutenant Princess Athena
Lieutenant Sera

Sergeant Damecles
Sergeant Uncle Creepy
Corporal Demonicus
Corporal DQIII
Coporal Maraud
Corporal Shepler
Corporal Toman


Vent Server: port 3801 password: PK (has to be in caps)
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