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BlackSnow Authority (Ebonheart|NA) [XBOX 1] PvP & PvE

Started by KyleWinters
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The BlackSnow Authority is looking to expand its operations to help the ebonheart pact defeat the tyranny within Tamriel. That help could be you!

What is the BlackSnow Authority?

We are a guild exclusive to the Xbox one and we wish to create a strong guild based on teamwork. While, we do both PvE and PvP, the guild will probably lean closer to more PvP action then PvE. If you have any questions on how the guild operates or want to join view the contact information below.

What exctly are you looking for?

We are looking for any players who is willing to use teamwork and meets the very basic qualifications to join the guild. On a side note, I am personally looking for two recruitment specialists as well. (See qualifications below for more details)

  • You must be at least 16 years old (There will be very few exceptions)
  • Players must be willing to use teamwork to acheive the guild goals.


Firstly: No religion or politics. It always leads to bad blood or worse.
Secondly: We always want teamwork. No lone wolves, but going solo every once in awhile is expected.
Thirdly: Try being respecfull at all times, if something happens, contact me ASAP.

Contact Information?

You can get contact me by sending me a message over Xbox live, my gamertag is Kyle Winters (Yes, thats a space between them) or you can post a reply on this thread. Though, sending me a message over Xbox Live will likely produce a faster response.
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