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Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : Roleplay, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by hazmick.
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About Blackwatch
The Blackwatch originally began life as a group known as The Marsh Rangers; men, elves and beast races dedicated to hunting dangerous creatures in Black Marsh and ensuring that the roads were safe for travellers, the group were nothing more than hunters. Over time their fame grew and their numbers expanded. Spreading from Black Marsh to the whole of Tamriel.

The modern day Blackwatch has members all across Tamriel (though Black Marsh is always seen as their home). They have moved away from the hunters of old and are now more akin to peacemakers and lorekeepers. The Blackwatch primarily believes that the natural world needs protecting just as much as the people who live upon it and many of its members act as rangers, safeguarding the wilderness from any who would do it harm. The secondary role of the Blackwatch ties in to their belief that knowledge is just as important to the world as a sword or spell. Many members travel the world in search of new places and people, and therefore new knowledge.

There is no set command chain, no home base and no uniform. Each member answers to a certain operative, one in each continent, who will train and guide them to make sure they keep fighting the good fight with honour. These operatives answer only to the High Ranger, one of the original few. The High Ranger travels across Tamriel to wherever the fight is thickest, maintaining the honour of the watch and furthering their goals.

The Blackwatch can be asked to perform tasks, and as long as the cause is just, will be more than willing to fight and if necessary die for the greater good. That being said they tend to keep out of the limelight, melting back into the wilderness once the fighting is over. Ever vigilant, ever watchful. They have never claimed to be the greatest warriors, or the most talented mages, but each member is fiercely loyal to three things: The guild, the natural world, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Their names won't be recorded in the Elder Scrolls, but you may hear the name 'Blackwatch' in hushed whispers in the remote places of the world.
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Blackwatch Comments
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Daggerfall Covenant
Good luck with the guild

Founding Fires Project

Pm for details.
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