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Blades of Vengance : PC : NA : Oceanic : PVE/PvP : Endgame : Casual

Started by RansynBloodway
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Blades of Vengeance (BoV) is an Australian Aldmeri Dominion guild for The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO). We have been active since the ESO Open Beta and since then have been an ever growing, active community. Our primary goal as a guild is to pull together a group of people who enjoy playing The Elder Scrolls Online, and build them into a tight knit community of gamers.

We accept players from all over the world, however be aware that our events are scheduled for Australian (GMT+10) time and also note that all of our events are for characters in the Aldmeri Dominion faction. Our aim with the guild population is to keep the numbers below 200 members, and at this point we average between 20 to 40 people online most nights, with over 100 members online in the past 7 days.

We are a very social and laid back guild, and while some of the more “hardcore” ESO players may consider us a “casual” guild, we are anything but.

We use a Discord server as our means of voice chat and encourage our guild members to log on as much as possible – even when there are no events scheduled. We have a number of people who are on Discord every day and it is a great way to further enjoy the social aspects of the game, and have a laugh!

Along with our Discord server and guild website we also have a Facebook page and a small – but growing – Steam community for those who like to take a break from the rigours of Tamriel, but still keep in touch with the guild.

Blades of Vengeance has a very strong and active guild community, and together there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

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We are very organised and our Event calendar consists of at least 1 scheduled PvP night per week, along with one general PVE night – ranging from Vet / Normal dungeons to Skyshard collecting and Delve / Dolmen clearing.

Our weekly ESO events are rounded off with guild Trials running at least once a week. These Trials runs are scheduled to go for 2 hours and the Raid Leaders try their best to keep the group moving and progressing, while still being able to have some banter going back and forth in voice comms.

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We have a very drawn out 25 step application process….. Not. Getting into the guild is simple. Click HERE to apply to the guild directly from our Applications page on the BoV website, or contact me in game. My account name is @RansynBloodway.

Please visit the guild website for more details on us. It can be found at
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