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Blazeheart Guild Searching For Allies

Started by Im the thane
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Greetings All,

Think as me as an ambassador or representative of the guild Blazeheart.
We are a small guild and we hope that some of you guild owners can welcome us with open arms and brothers for trade and aid in times of need.

Blazeheart is an ebonheart pact guild we consist of 4 main staff
Jericho (leader)
Im the thane-me

We are also seek recruits if you wish to apply to our guild just enter the link below

Thanks for your time if you read this
-Im the thane signing out

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I'm afraid you aren't allowed to recruit anywhere else than on your guild page under the guild tab, my good man!

I fear this topic will be closed.

Clan leader of The Bromlokiir

Voth Ahkrin!
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And there's the sticky here, of course. But other than that, listen to Beor, he's a wise man!

The Ghost of TESOF

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