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Blitzkrieg : AD : GTM-5 : Looking for all kinds of social players and PVPers

Started by LazerBear795123
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Welcome to Blitzkrieg!

[Image: ngE5Ulx.png]

We are a very social faction, and we work best as a team. We pride ourselves as good traders, but we also like to be self sufficient. We have a wide array of players, from craftsmen to farmers to fighters. When one member of our guild is threatened, the entirety of the guild is. We strike fast and in great numbers, in a blitzkrieg style of fighting. The enemy is dead before they have time to react. If you'd like to join, please apply at our site, Thank you.

We started out as a small faction on minecraft, and now have been around for over a year. DSBwizzardscall and I run this as well as a server on Minecraft. We love the Elder Scrolls games, and can't wait for our guild to grow online! We like having a balance of all types of players, so feel free to join!

What We Want:
  • Active Players
  • Players who work well with others
  • Social players
  • A diversity of player types
  • A strong community

We frequently partake in PVP and raids, but it is not required.
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