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Started by TLViolynn
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Not Set
Firstname - Hathczar
Eke-name Blizzard-Tooth
Surname- Gnarb
Sex - Male
Race - Orc (Orc/Bosmer)
Age - Unsure
Occupation - fulgurmancer/conjurer/alchemist/Scholar

Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Rival(s)- Evergrowing, and always changing

Birthsign - The Atronach

Appearance - A traditional over-brawny Orc, that towers above most in height. His Bosmer blood has paled his skin(so he says) and reddened his hairs.

Personality -Often his hedonist thoughts lead him where is wishes(most times, not so much). He harbors a strong ideals of tradition and honor, that when rallied can turn him into a devoted follower to any cause he believes in. ( Chaotic-Evil, with Lawful tendencies)

-Rumors, Myths and Gossip-
His wasn't always known as the vile creature simply called Blizzard-Tooth, in the past he was a foolhardy, if not boastful scoundrel by the name Hathczar. Fate however was unmerciful in her cruelty to his future. He was born an outcast, from outcasts on a pirate vessel scouting the shores of Stros M'Kai. His mother was a quick-witted Orc fleeing the duties of her father's behest, and his father was a silver-tongued Bosmer deserting the imposed orders of the Aldmeri Dominion's infancy. They had a mutual hate, the Bretons, and a mutual love of glory and gold and now, a child.

Hathczar's father gave little interest to his son as he witnessed his 'beast-like' traits dominate his Mer. Even his love of archery fell flat with his child, and so his considered his son for the most part dim-witted, but eager to please.

Hathczar's mother was much more strict with her son. Routine exercise and chores aboard the ship helped sharpen her son's sense of duty and responsibility. The exiled clan-daughter still held a strong faith to Mauloch and every night would teach her son of Mauloch's strength.

Yet Hathczar saw Mauloch no more than a overbearing brute compared to the other Deadra. Even the Aedra interested him more, but he knew better than to question his mother's faith. She noticed the spark in her son's eye when his father spoke of Xarxes, Z'en and most of all Y'ffre. When Hathczar was old enough to wield a blade his mother would spar with him at sunrise, no matter the weather.

This embittered him dearly, soon growing spiteful of his parents disapproval. When the ship finally docked on Tamriel he ran away as fast as he could from the sound of ocean slapping sand, and his parents worried screams.

Alone and lost in the wilds he cried out to Z'en as the sun began to set. Moments later a high-pitched chirp shook him from his prayer, and he turned to a musty cave entrance. More bats fluttered out of the cave, and Hathczar smiled to his answered prayer.

As he entered the cave a creeping odor began to saturate his senses. His mind, fixated on what the smell was was caught off-guard as he tripped loudly to the cause of the smell. a layer of bones covered a cold, lifeless body. Hathczar scurried on his hand away from the body. He heard the mumbling of people within the cave and picked himself up to flee, as he readied himself up the winding tunnel a cloud of small bats huddled around him. Even as they bit and scratched at his clothes he made his way out of the cave and forced himself back to his parent's ship. By the break of dawn he's happy to see their ship is still at port, and he sneaks his way back on board, and rests in his cabin. When his parents find him they are equal parts relieved as furious.

Three days after his run-away attempt he can't stop hearing the blood pumping through his parents and the crew. He hides this from his parents believing it to be a gift of Mauloch for his bravery in the caves. While the crew sleeps Hathczar sits atop the crow's nest, it has been five days since the cave incident and he lets his body rock back and forth with the ship. He feels more intune to the world than ever before, yet he knows his 'gift' is not from Mauloch, but of Molag Bal. With careful questions he finds the local mage's guild and discovers the truth of his new found power.

The hunt in discovery wets his appetite more than gold, as he wishes to conquer the unknown and with his gift of immortality he knows he will no doubt complete his dreams. It is a top the crows nest that a young orc is on his knees,funneling his mumbled gasps of pain.His eyes glow as hot as the blood he craves. But he is not worried...

he has a whole crew to feed from.
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