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Bludghul-gro-Khazor the birth of a Beserker

Started by Plague_Walrus
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(Morning Star, Tirdas, 11.45pm, 2E 554, Bludghul is born to the Chiefs second wife in a small clan near Orsinium. But this story will happen when Bludghul is 20)

Frostfall, Fredas, 5:06am, 2E 574- Bludghul had woken up early and was standing on top of the fortress walls, looking at the mountainous scenery below him. Snow had fallen overnight and was still falling in large flakes onto his smooth grey skin, melting instantly. A cold wind blew making his long jet black hair fly loose and his sky blue eyes burn. His sideburns now filled with snow flakes making it shine in the dim winter morning sun light. He wore fur armor made of mountain wolf pelts that covered half his body yet he wore no shoes, his bare feet sticking into the snow, bringing a burning sensation, it was a long tradition of his clan that on this day he would not wear shoes in the morning. His father the Orc chief Khazor-gro-Gogron had passed on in the night leaving Bludghul and his brother Ushul to fight for the title of chief. Bludghul loved his brother dearly, yet he was destined to kill him or to die by his hands today. Bludghul's thoughts were uninterrupted by a too familiar voice. He turned around to see his brother with the same facial expression as himself. " A good day to die don't you think brother?" Ushul says, a wide smile appearing as he walks next to Bludghul to observe the mountains. Bludghul took in the scene more. Mountains covered in shining snow and in the valley below a Breton village that was semi hidden by fog. They stood quietly looking at the Breton village coming to life as miners did their perilous journey into their mines. " A good day indeed" Bludghul responds finally without satisfaction. Bludghul was older than Ushul even though Ushul was born to the chiefs first wife, where as Bludghul was born to the second.
" Today even Malacath will look upon our battle. It's Frostfall the summoning time for Malacath. The shaman says the victor will be honored highly." Ushul says smiling up at Bludghul. Bludghul did not respond but instead walked to the smithy, leaving his brother by himself on the wall. The sun had risen fully now peeking ever so lightly through the thick grey clouds. Bludghul got busy making his armor. He started making the leather cover that would be underneath the Orihalcum plates. He was planning on making a light version of the Orcish armor with lighter and thinner Orihalcum plates to allow good protection and easy movement. He put in the ingots to melt while he prepared the leather. He then made the mold and poured in the metal then beating it into shape with his hammer. He then placed it to the leather and put nails into it securing it to the leather. He had completed his armor. It still looked like the Orcish armor a little less bulky but was fairly light. He had not been taught how to hold a shield properly but his father told him he would be a great beserker one day. That day had not yet come but he could not deny he was good at attacking but not defending. He poured Orihalcum into two axe molds. Then beating them into shape giving them a savage look. He was ready by dusk. His mother wished him well and they said their good byes as if for the last time while she helped him put on his armor. Bludghul now stood in the fortress arena facing opposite his brother. He took in his surroundings. It was dark the sun had set but every torch in the fortress was now surrounding the arena, most of them held by an orc spectator. Every Orc of the clan was here to watch. The shaman stood away from the circle near a statue of Malacath chanting and rubbing troll fat onto the statue. The snow had intensified and with it a strong cold wind blew the mountains and the fortress. Bludghul's eyes met his opponents. His brother was wearing the heaviest thing he could find. Heavy Orcish Armor A shield and a mace. The shaman raises her hands in a trance signalling for the battle to commence. Bludghul put on his helmet which lowered his vision and stepped into the arena. Ushul did the same. Ushul was first to attack charging in with the mace successfully hitting Bludghul on the left shoulder making his left hand limp and unusable. He dropped one axe. Ushul stood waiting for Bludghul to get up. Bludghul got up but still did not feel angry enough to start a rage or even hurt his brother who had grown up with him. " Strike me brother or I will finish you without a fight." Ushul grunted. Bludghul stood up only to be charged again getting a mace to the stomach which winded him. Bludghul got up again, this time the rage in him taking over. Nostrils flared Bludghul attacked multiple times striking Ushul one handed his other hand limp. Ushul blocked one strike the others his armor took the damage. Ushul sheild bashed Bludghul to the face. Bludghul was on the floor once again. He got up fully in rage, unable to control himself he pounced upon Ushul aiming for the weak spots in his armor. Blood sprayed as Bludughul cut deep into flesh. Ushul unable to react or defend with his shield took the damage trying to take a finishing by getting a head shot with his mace. But Bludghul was quicker moving out of the way his left shoulder took another hit from the mace but that was the last. Bludghul in his rage cut at Ushuls throat hitting it directly. Blood poured out from Under Ushuls armor as he fell to the floor. Bludghul his rage forgotten dropped his axe and kneeled next to his brother taking off Ushuls helmet to look at his living face one last time. " You did well brother *cough* you deserve to rule our clan. Do it with an iron fist and we will continue to prosper." With those words thrown to the wind he closed his eyes and let out his last breath. " Malacath take you Brother". The shaman now out of her trance walked over to Bludghul helping him up. Bludghul fainted falling to the snow next to his brother. Bludghul woke up in the long house on the largest bed his arm held together by furs. He dressed into his clothes and walked outside. All was peaceful a weak wind blew. Only a thick layer of snow and the sound of fir trees was all the Bludghul sensed. Bludghul stood on the same spot he stood yesterday looking at his mountains. The Breton village in the valley below waking up to a new day not even suspecting what their mountain neighbors done the night before. Bludghul took in a deep breath and sat in the seat overlooking his domain.

Ogrug- Orc Warrior Son of Bludghul
Heceril- Altmer Vampire Lord
Frelav- Nord Werewolf
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