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Borgosh Gro-Korduun

Started by Lurgahk
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Firstname - Borgosh
Surname - Gro-Korduun
Title - (None)
Sex - Male
Race - Orsimer
Age - Borgosh is 32 years of age, and was born on Loredas, 7th day of Sun's Dusk, 2E 551.
Occupation - Borgosh often ventures throughout High Rock as a traveling merchant who sells a variety of potions and elixirs, all of which he creates himself. Due to his firm beliefs regarding the Code of Malacath, he refuses to sell poisons, as he believes them as a coward's weapon. However, this is not Borgosh's only profession, he also informs a majoirty of his customers that should they ever need aid, whether it be for a simply flesh wound, or for company in battle, that he is gifted in the art of magic-weaving, specficially in the school of Restoration. He is also very intrigued necromancy and the school of Conjuration, as he is fascinated with the simple concept of life and death. If on an adventure with a companion, he'll often ask their opinions on necromancy and things of that like. If the response is negative, he'll likely only heal his ally, rather than raising their enemies from the grave.

Faction - Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance - Borgosh has a dark green skin tone that would resemble the color of a moss-covered tree. Although this Orsimer may not be as physically intimidating as a barbarian who wields a massive blade, he is more than capable of picking up a warhammer himself. He normally ties his brown hair into a pony tail on top of his head, while he lets his long beard roam free under his chin. A long scar stains his right arm, starting on his wrist and stopping halfway up his forearm. Although it has faded much into his skin, it is still very apparent, and is something he does not often wish to speak of. He prefers to wear light leather armor that allows him to move freely, but still provides some type of protection.

Personality - Borgosh is a very bitter Orc who will often make rude remarks or accusations. Although he might not express it openly, he is more than willing to heal a wounded soldier. This is partially because he feels as though it is his responsibility to use magic to heal others, and partially due to the fact that he is simply mystified by the body, and its regenerative powers. He has no qualms towards any who would choose to use necromancy as he uses it himself. He does not think the practice as evil, or even repulsive, in fact, he believes that he is offering the gift of life to a deceased body.

Social Background/Backstory - Borgosh Gro-Korduun was born into the Orsimer stronghold of Korduun, under the rule of their chieftan Torkol. Like the rest of his kin, his purpose in life was to train himself until he believed his abilities were great enough to surpass his father. He practiced against both training dummies, and his brothers with a sword in each hand. He would fight against his opponents with ferocity and viciousness until one of them would be overwhelmed by the other. In Korduun, there seemed to be no son who stood out amongst his brothers and as a result, each of them believed that they could overcome their father when their day came, including Borgosh. Borgosh never really cared for his parents as they often ignored a majority of their children. He did not despise his mother and father, but certainly did not love them.

However, Borgosh's interest was not only that of surpassing the chieftan. Ever since he was a child, the orc would go into the Wise Woman's hut and watch her create her potions. His grandmother, (The Wise Woman), went by the name Hoshga, and she often would personally show Borgosh how to create some of her concoctions. Borgosh considered his grandmother as a very influential and important person in his life, rather than his mother (Named Pordaa). Hoshga believed of course, that the young one would never pursue the craft of elixirs, as that is the role of the Wise Woman in most strongholds. Unfortunately, Borgosh did begin develop greater interests in alchemy, and began making his own creative substances, something that he kept secret.

This does not mean that the young Orsimer's wishes to succeed his father vanished, as they were still very apparent. He continued to train and work hard to increase the effectiveness of his abilities, however, eventually the time had come when one of his brothers challenged Torkal before him. The brother's name was Bahkmod, an orc who had always been a bit rude to his kin. Bahkmod did succeed in overcoming his father, but Borgosh was unprepared for the pain that he felt at the loss of Torkal. He never imagined he would ever feel such grief for his father.

Just after Torkal's death, Borgosh managed take his corpse and flee from Korduun. In a period of shock, sorrow, and complete denial, Borgosh carried his father's body for several days, hoping to come across some type of healer that could resurrect Torkal. He attempted to keep the body from decaying as best he could with the elixirs he had created, but they had little effect.

After six days, Borgosh came into contact with a roaming Breton mage who went by the name of Thorvald. Thorvald was a skinny man, with hardly any fat on his body. Borgosh pleaded with Thorvald to help resurrect his father, but he was no necromancer, and he refused to dabble in such dark arts. Borgosh was devastated but Thorvald managed to calm the Orsimer's nerves and explained to him that all things must come to an end.

Despite Borgosh's rude demeanor, the two soon became traveling companions and bonded rather quickly. They roamed High Rock, seeking adventure and wealth. Thorvald also began to teach Borgosh spells mainly regarding the Restoration school of magic and a even a few simple abilities dealing with fire and other things of that nature. The orc seemed to catch on quickly but was certainly no where near the capabilities of his teacher. The two traveled with one another for two years, obtaining treasure and conquering caves, and almost always stayed by each other's side.

After hearing rumors of Orsimer in High Rock trying to rebuild Orsinium once again, they traveled towards the fabled city in hopes of gaining supplies. However, along the road, they were attacked by a large group of bandits, and unfortunately, Thorvald fell in battle. Borgosh only barely escaped with his life, and severely wounded.

Borgosh was very lucky that his teacher had taught him healing spells, or else he would have surely perished. With no one to guide him in the ways of the Clever Craft, Borgosh began to read forbidden books, and learned the ways of necromancy and summoning daedric creatures from mysterious planes.

Best Memory - Creating his first stamina potion with the help of Hoshga.
Worst Memory - Seeing his father's corpse lie on the ground, with Bahkmod's boot standing on its chest.
Skills - Restoration, Conjuration, Necromancy
Challenges for the Character - Hand to Hand Combat,
Birthsign - The Atronach
Religious Views - Borgosh is known to strictly adhere to the Code of Malacath, and he reveres the first Orsimer respectively.
Politics Views - Borgosh wishes for victory for the Daggerfall Covenant.
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