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Born of the Reach - Part VI

Started by Harlwystyr
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Part VI

A thick reek of garbage came from somewhere behind her, blending in with the perfect mix of damp stone and old earth that hung in the air. Dwyna of the Reach kept low and slowly moved forward, careful as she gradually found her footing as if she was sneaking around on a roof of crumbling tiles.

A humming sound rose up in the air before her, a humming that quickly became overshadowed by a scream as she fell forward, and as she struck her head against something, the world began to ring around her ears. From her stomach, a sickening feeling began to bubble, too. Much to her relief, it began to clear off the longer she fell, but swiftly surged anew when she landed on something and cautiously got to her feet.

Dwyna kept her dagger ready for striking, wondering what sort of idiot she had been this time, and looked around, trying to pierce through the massive darkness.

As If answering an unspoken prayer of hers, a glimmering radiance emerged before her, quite close, and soon blossoming into the unmistakable flare of a newly lit torch. It’s bright-orange glow shifted into a white-blue colour, and she soon realised that it held a spell greater than any magic she’d ever seen before. As she studied it closely, she saw that it raced along a small path to a place where the white-bearded mage stood somewhere beneath an archway.

Dwyna abruptly ducked down and crawled forward on her knees and fingertips, sliding down onto her belly to keep as low as possible when the wizard turned around and peered back in her direction.

She saw a satisfied smile and nod detail his features – had he seen her or not? – and then he turned to step through the obscenely bright archway – and suddenly the humming sound all around her ended as if beheaded on an executioners block.

Dwyna looked up, listened carefully, but couldn’t even hear her own breath now. Then, still surprised at the awkward silence, she noticed that the radiance wavered, pulsed, and started to wink out.

She raced to her feet and sprinted towards the dimmering light. Somewhere behind her, she heard a roar, and she turned her head just in time to see the golden-white torchlight erupt from the wall and follow her. The wall bucked and began to move around her feet, as if to trap her in place, but she impulsively jumped aside at every attempt, narrowly escaping the snares. Another leap sent her flying into the closing embers of the glow, and…

Sweat ran down her forehead, and she suddenly felt more afraid than she’d ever felt in her young life. Where on Nirn was she? Was she even on Nirn? Which way was forward? She held her breath, looked around, and silently agreed on taking a step forward, and met no resistance. Taking this as a good sign, she soon fell into a cautious advance.

Three steps later, a damp smell caused her to close her eyes and hold a hand before her lips. The ‘aroma’ was a mix of fish and sea, yet did not quite smell like the docks of Wayrest where she had departed from. Instead, the air felt thicker, as if the land was close to fetid swamps. A voice – nay, plenty of voices could be heard; a mix of chuckling and chattering, like a revel of some sort. She was somewhere large, with only a corner separating her from a well-lit area.

Was she somewhere in the sewers below the city? Perhaps the ones that ran from the city’s upper districts and down to the docks?

She wrinkled her nose and chose to see what had happened to the raging torchlight, just in time to see the last, dying movements of the portal before the room became shrouded in darkness. With a sigh, she looked around and walked the length of the room, feeling her way forth. Filled with large barrels rolled up atop each other, she reckoned that she was in a wine cellar of some sort.

Falling back against the solid wall, Dwyna mulled over her situation. She was trapped here, with the only way out being through a loud, well-lit room seemingly crowded with people, who no doubt would look with less than kind eyes at an intruder emerging from their wine cellar. Using her fist, she struck the wall without hurting herself, and then stepped forward.

Toward the corner that would reveal the measure of the revelry. No doubt in the same direction as the mage who’d so casually subdued her.

He knew how to weave the spell to open the glowing portal again, so she’d either have to skulk around and manage to get out on her own, or find him and… and demand of him to send her back?

She growled at the position she was in, and trailed her fingers caressingly against the hilt of the dagger ere gliding it up the strap at her wrist, hiding it. With her soft-heeled boots, long hair, she could at least charm her way around one drunken reveler. Hopefully.

This looked less and less like Wayrest.

Oh Nocturnal and Sai, aid me now.
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