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Born of the Reach - Part XI

Started by Harlwystyr
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Part XI

Just in case the slayer would be seeing to the silencing of any would-be witness, Dwyna decided to meld with the shadows as well, but before she could see to her concealments, the man’s eyes blazed into hers from the side of the room. Thinking fast, she decided to ignore him pointedly and started muttering, as if talking to herself. “Now, where did I put that blasted ring?”

The man hesitated briefly, a dagger hanging loosely in his hand, but withdrew, evidently deciding that it would be wiser to leave than tackling someone unknown.

As she turned her attention, the light of many lanterns caught Dwyna’s attention, and she saw that small groups of men were converging in another room. Curious, desperate, and mindful of Galain’s slayer, she held her dagger at the ready, just if that slayer would still be watching.

However, the man was hurrying in another direction, moving between waiters, pillars and crowds to get lost from sight. Once more, Dwyna’s thoughts turned to the amount of blood Galain had had in him, and- enough! She shook her hand to banish the memory and narrowed her eyes once more as she looked around. The man was gone. Good.

A couple who seemed rather fond of one another were locked together in a chamber on the side, seemingly whispering sweet nonsense between each other. In another chamber, just next to theirs’, several furious men were trying to stab each other with knives, but were all far too drunk to deal more damage than snarling incoherent threats and curses at each other. Many fell on their faces, roaring at their success, rose, only to fall over again. Yes, a “Righteous Conspiracy” indeed.

Still, much celebration rang in the building, with dancing going on here and there, through the music made by nearby bards with drums and lutes. Once more, she looked at the light of the lanterns – and the groups of men by it - and heard that they were now chatting eagerly, words flashing like shouts back and forth; and much excitement was in their voices as they spoke of the riches that would befall them once “the Deleyns were overthrown.”

Dwyna frowned. Deleyns? They were the royal family of western High Rock in a seemingly law-abiding realm. The kingdom had a strange name... Dragonfell? Dagonfall? Daggerfell-Daggerfall, that was it!

By the Aedra and Daedra alike, she was halfway across High Rock!

Well, there was a lesson to be had here. When you follow an unknown sorcerer through a glowing portal, you’re an idiot.

Even though the crowd was great, no one paid her the slightest attention as she went for the nearest stairs, climbing it whilst grumbling. Many were lost in their own gleeful schemes, and some even stopped a couple of times to strike grand, dramatic poses and claim great things for their fellows, only to be shoved aside, with shouts in the form of “Get moving!” following.

The closer Dwyna got to the top of the stairs, she felt the dampness increase, and mist started to creep in in tendrils among her from the end of her destination. Quite suddenly, she found herself in a great portico, on a dock that sat below the walls of a great city of many lights in the cliff above. Many lanterns hung, illuminating the area just enough so that the planks below could be seen, and she could hear the noise of the sea – a sea very different from Wayrest, for she knew that Daggerfall met the Eltheric Ocean.

Stairs made of firm, old stone led up to the city above, curving and arching so that they formed a natural path with the environment; easy to climb, but difficult to scale during an assault from this side on the city. The city itself, at least from where Dwyna stood, seemed impressive; upon a mighty cliff that was virtually impregnable. And-

Somewhere behind her, a loud splash was heard as someone fell into the water, and shouts of drunken merriment once more rose up. She sighed, and turned to be surprised at the course of the merriment; someone had had their throat slit and shoved over the side. Dwyna stood silent, watching without a sound.

A group of men had gathered at the far end of the docks, and were eying her with growing interest. All of them were clad in dark leathers, and some held blades of fine, breton craft, others loaded, aimed crossbow. Still others held grant staves of wood and metal. Now she noticed that they were steadily moving forward; purpose filled their steps as the moved as a menacing band.

The laughter behind her continued, but soon became interrupted as several words of alarm were being shouted.

She could hear blades being drawn as the anger in the voices of the men became more clear, and a sudden cry: “We’re betrayed! The crown mages are here!” That particular announcement was soon silenced as a crossbow bolt found itself buried in the crier’s throat. The clashing of swords and screams soon thereafter followed in the wake of the death.

“Iraldon, Lord Caeledan has been seen here: arrest him and all associates and members of his household who shared his company this night. Baelnar, stand clear! Lady Nerine owns the warehouse, so get a hold of her as well if she's present. Larance, I'll need you to find me that sorcerer from Shornhelm - Malenar, he calls himself, but Dyran believes him to be a much more powerful spellweaver in disguise, so-"

This flood of- Divines, they looked like crown mages, or- yes! She saw that the cape of one of the men was proudly being held by a brooch engraved with what could only be a royal insignia. And Dwyna, a thief and outlander, was in the presence of traitors and conspirators. She knew they had all seen her, but no one had raised their hands or aimed weapons at her yet.

She stood completely still, as if frozen by a paralysis spell. Any sudden move could mean her death by the tip of a crossbow bolt. "Lady Nerine is here," she said hastily. "I saw her inside."

In fact, she wouldn't know Lady Nerine if she bumped into her, and the she'd only heard someone greeting this noble down in the cellar.

The nearest of the crown mages narrowed his eyes and gave her a sharp look with his piercing eyes. She hardly had time to react before he inquired in a reserved tone, "Is that you, Barina?"
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