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Bosmer age

Started by Aquiel
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Hi there!

I was trying to develop a story for my main character. Thereby I was then wondering if there are any hints in the lore about the average age of a bosmer. Would be good to know :)

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Well they only live for an average of 10 seconds when I see one.. but..:

I'd say the average wood elf can reah between the age of 150-250 roughly. The wood elves aren't as skilled in magicka as the Dunmer or Altmer who live a lot longer than a wood elf.

You see, age has more to do with magicka "power". The more magicka you have the longer you can live. Elves tend to have more magicka so they tend to live longer. Then I think they also have to use longevity spells in order to actually live a lot longer, or longer in general..

So yeah the average bosmer ain't that much of a spellcaster so I'd say the ordinairy bosmer lives between a 120 to 160 years old?

I hope this helps you! I might be wrong though. Although I'm sure I ain't too far of these numbers.

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I've heard so many different things. I've heard of Dunmer living to 500 and Altmer living to 1000. Nothing of Bosmer though. Most elven races have long life spans.
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Look Queen of AD, She is young for a High Elf--a mere 132 years old.

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Aquiel, I hope this may help you in your story. I would be honored to read it when it is composed.

Bosmer/Wood Elf Age:


Adulthood: 110 years
Middle Age: 175 years
Old: 263 years
Venerable: 350 years
Maximum Age: 400+ years

Forgotten Realms WIKI

Sylvan Elves enter adulthood at 110 years, mostly show old age in greying of hair and may die between 2 and 9



Wood Elves physically mature at age 25 and emotionally mature at age 125, are long-lived and rarely die of decay

Librarium Online discussion:

As far the Topic I am going to back AD&D 2nd edition when it said 1200 to 1500 but usually around 800 they wander

off and just disappear. Where they disappear to we will never know. While they don't seem to disappear in Warhammer

I got to believe that they live between 1200 and 1500. I can't think of any fluff that says an elf has lived longer

then 2000 with out magic or being half diety. However, I have read plenty of fluff about elves living past 1000.

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