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Brotherhood of the Moon

Started by Agryn Hawkwing
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Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
Hello fellow ESO enthusiasts. I come to you today to propose an Idea of a Werewolf pack that is made to help others learn to control there gift of the Hunt and actually protect the people of Tamrial. This guild
will be a RP/PVP focused guild I will need a few leaders to help me such as tech specialists , Lore enthusiasts such as my self and Two or more to help me create events and Manage things when I am away at work or school. I will provide the financial things as there not really all that bad. We can vote on
the guild host for our website and rather to have voice chat or not. I hope to do lots of PVP and also lots of RP. The Roleplay ideas I have come up with are as follows.

Weekly worship of our Lord and Master of the Hunt Hircine.

Weekly get gatherings of Fighting in form and tales of our glorious hunts.

Weekly stories from out elders.

Weekly feasts.

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Not Set
I'm interested
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
I'm a bit of a tech specialist, but mainly software-orientated. Although I don't think I will get ESO on release, I may get it some time in the future.

Dar'Rak: Khajiit assassin, son of the Mane, at your service. But not really.
Im-Kur: Argonian Nightblade, killer of men, caster of spells.
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