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Brothers of Aldmeri.
Brothers of Aldmeri.

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Huor Tasadur.
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About Brothers of Aldmeri.

Welcome to our website. We are a very different kind of guild. We are a guild set on helping the new “generation” of gamers get into TESO. We want to try something that has never been tried before in any MMO. Many people (including myself) have logged in 1000’s of hours into MMO’s or RPG’s so we know what we want in a game or guild. But many people haven’t so we are here for those people.
Our RP system is as simple as we could make it for how we envisioned it.

Mage jobs with Ranks In Order of Skill
1.Head/Arch mage
6.Wizard (grunt)

Warrior Ranks and jobs in order of skill
4.Deadra hunter
Rouge Rank with Jobs in order of skill.
1.Stealth Lord (head Rouge)
2.Dread Brother/Sister
3.Major Thief
5.Dread Son
Archer Ranks with job in order by skill
1.Archery master
2.Assassin lord
3.Master scout
Tank rank and jobs order by skill
2.Human Shield
3.Punching bag/welp
Guild Ranks
1.Guild master: Huor Tasadur
2.Leader or Officer
5.Squad leader
8.Newer player helper
10.Guild mates/Brethren
What we do.
1.We help newer players.
2.Shut Dark anchors
3.Find and destroy all deadra and Deadra worship
4.Fight for the Dominion
5.Raid Dungeons
6.And Keep order within the dominion
Vampires and Werewolves are welcome and get special perks within their job.
1.Obey the Queen
2.Obey your guild master or higher ranking officers
3.Do not sell or keep loot. (loot system below)
4.Wear set guild armor in battle or meetings
5.Forum post must be relevant to guild
6.Deadra worship is frowned upon but aloud
7.First come first serve with raid lists
8.Don’t steal from the guild
9.Don’t attack another guild member unless they are from another faction in Cyrodiil
10.Listen to squad leader
11.When attacking a keep stay true to guild not faction in other words listen to guild leaders not faction leaders
12.When failing a mission don’t make up excuses take responsibility of your failure
13.Do not advertise another guild here
14.Try your best to get others to join

Loot system
You keep all loot you find

-Possible Elections for Leading positions.
-I would like to welcome our newest addition to the guild, Niah.
-You can post your Xbox Gamertags or Steam names and I will try to add you and get others to.
-Crafting will now have a larger role in our guild. (we need blacksmiths and crafters.)
-Because of Separate Continent Megaservers, members in Europe or Asia may not be able to be with us.
-We may create a YouTube Channel to help promote our guild.
-Don’t forget we have another website on guild launch.
-I may set our guild to be in Rift, Lord of the Rings, and Knights of the Old Republic.
-We will be in Valenwood for scavenging and possibly other things.
-We will find ways to get rid of Ghost Members (people who are in the guild and do nothing for it or with it).
-I will open a Forum section for news on The Elder Scrolls Online (please suggest names).
-Please check out the TESO overview by Tamriel Foundry on Youtube it explains everything you need to know for the Elder Scrolls online.
-I will create a forum for telling everyone what race you will be and what your character’s name will be or for you to get suggestions.
-I’m trying to make our page more open for people to view and post.
-We may have SWEETROLE RAIDS as suggested by a friend of mine.
-Looking for a good video editor. (More info message me)
-I Huor am the Lore Master or Historian of the guild.
-Making a forum for you to say whatever you want in it.
-Fallout players are Loved here.
-We will have set guild armor once they announce more on Armor.
-Archers get a set of armor a bow arrows and a dagger of their choice if we have the supplies.
-Tanks will have a Two hander weapon and heavy armor of their choice if we have the supplies
-Warriors will have dual wielded swords, one sword, or a Two handed weapon and heavy armor of their choice if we have the supplies.
-Mage gets robes a staff and a dagger of their choice if we have the supplies.
-Rouges will get a set of medium armor a dagger and bow and arrows.
-Loyal members will be rewarded
-We still would love European players to join us.

-You get to keep loot or donate it to the guild. Maybe find a need or greed system.
-You may advertise another guild only if you advertise our guild on their page.
-Daedra and Aedra worship allowed and encouraged.
-We are no longer going to try the keep the peace in the dominion we may become raiders.
-We will try to an omniscient guild in the dominion. (or just not do much in the dominion.)
-Skooma is going to be allowed within the guild for selling and use.
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