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Buffed: More Hand on stuff

Started by Sordak
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The original Thread missed alot so im just going to drop this in here.
Buffed has one more Video, alot more screenshots and around 4 more Articles.

As can be observed here

especialy note this article on crafting

Including an interview with Paul Sage, wich indeed is in english language.

And while id like to keep the number of posts about the recent preview storm low.
I just felt that we need a bit of a roundup on what was lost on the other threads.

news are plenty.
Weve finaly gotten a glimpse on Elsweyr (Wich looks nothing like id expected it) so yeah.
well see about that.

One thing i noticed it that all houses in Cyrod, Elsweyr and High Rock have this same weird style.
Also the Bridges who have this little useless top on them.
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