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Calling all Christians

Started by SplitTheJugular
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
I have technically made a Christian Guild in other games like WoW. Well instead of bringing the guild to this game, I'm just bringing the idea and making a new guild. I know this is appealing to only a small percentage of gamers but i'm doing it. The guild will remain unnamed until people came in and vote for one. Will be a guild that caters to all need. Pvp, Pve, and everything the game can offer. I'm not making this guil so that the guild chat is only biblical talk, so dont worry about that. Im a very open person to new idea, so hit me up with some. if you are interested in helping this guild start, ill be in touch. God Bless
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Hi Split! No advertising here please, you can post it in the correct sticky though! :
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