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Camerick (feedback wanted)

Started by Svadas
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Ebonheart Pact
Firstname - Camerick

Surname - He has no surname, for he is a Redguard.

Title - 'Of the Desert', 'Mercenary', 'of Sentinel', 'Desert Deserter',

Sex - Male

Race - Redguard

Age - 27

Occupation - Mercenary

Faction - Daggerfall Covenant

Appearance - He has reliatively light skin, for a Redguard. He also has a short beard on his face, and his black hair is tied back. He has oak brown eyes, and, at his ears, his hair is starting to grey. He stands just over 6' tall.

Personality - Camerick is often quite serious, at first. But should you tame him for his friendship, one will learn he has a sweet tooth (or teeth), and that on top of eating, he also enjoys talking about food, and generally talking in general. Occasionally, he is labelled as sarcastic, when around those who are 'Far too naive to still be living perfectly fine, without a mace hitting their skulls'.

Social Background/Backstory - Camerick was born and raised in Sentinel, a city of his homeland. His mother was murdered after she borrowed some money, and did not (and could not) return the amount borrowed. His father went missing in the Alik'r Desert, months before he was born.

He was raised by some family friends, and servants to his father. They were a band of Mercenaries, really. The Silver Blades, as they were known. After touch times, they disbanded, agreeing it was more profitable to be freelance. Either way, Camerick grew up with a bunch of cut-throats, marauders and people used in more bloody periods of times.

When Camerick was 17, he became a mercenary. He used a longsword, and a dagger, to parry with. Surely, if he could use his dagger to keep the blade of his foe away long enough, his sword could pierce any of his enemies with ease. He also wears medium armour, so that he can be swift, yet not be shot down too easily, should we he be against archers.

When Camerick was 19, he became a guard of a travelling Dunmer. The two had many journies all over Tamriel. From visiting markets in Cyrodiil, to exploring the land of Morrowind, and seeing netches, and riding them and whatnot. During this period, he grew very strong.

However, nothing lasts forever. When Camerick had just turned 27, the Dunmer disappeared in Elsweyr, never to be seen again. After a few weeks, Camerick inherited all of his possesions, among them, a note of his disappearance. 'I have gone east, my friend. No, not to Black Marsh or to Morrowind, but to fight the Akaviri. Camerick, with nothing to do, returned to Hammerfell.

He stayed for a month or so, putting up with his uncle calling him 'Desert Deserter', a mockery for leaving his home. Eventually, someone wanted safe travels towards High Rock, and so Camerick left behind his home, once again.

Best Memory - Camerick's best memory, was when he tried his first sweet roll. Since then, he often keeps a sweet roll (or five) with him on his travels, should they be from the downstairs of an inn to a bed, or from The far-south point of Black Marsh, to the far-north point of his homeland.

Worst Memory - Camerick's worst memory was when his Dunmer employee went away, without notice. He had no time to say goodbye, and he was never forgotten, in Camerick's mind, yet he fears that his old friend forgot him, long ago.

Skills - Camerick is extremely skilled when fighting with a blade and dagger. He is also rather adept with crossbows, and pummelling people with his fists.

Challenges for the Character - Camerick has already been challenged with many things, but he knows that time will soon catch up, and his uncle will soon be after him, with a nickname of old. He must also learn to shrug off his ignorance, and to treat everyone equally, unless they really do annoy him, in which their head shall be relieved of their bodies.

Birthsign - Born on the 6th of Morning Star, his birthsign is of the Ritual.

Religious Views - Camerick believes in both the Eight Divines, as well as the Daedric Princes. He worships neither, yet is always vigilant for their work in the world around him.

Politics Views - Camerick believes each settlement should organise itself. No input from outside areas or groups, or anything. He see the Ruby Throne pointless, but if he is required to fight for it for his King, there WILL be a new Emperor.

"The Morag Tong: Exciting thrills, and bloody spills"

- Svadas Vendal

"Akatosh, Arkay, Dibella, Julianos, Kynareth, Mara, Stendarr, Zenithar. The Eight made our world, and they made you."

- Haema of The Eight
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This is very well made. Good job man. Hope to see more of you.

Vote Isilmo for Queen!

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