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Caydrenth's Journal: Gathering [Part 1]

Started by Caydrenth
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Aldmeri Dominion
Caydrenth's Journal: Gathering.

I recently went out into the forest to look for some ingredients. Loven knoticed me making some potions yesterday, and reccomended I go out to "practice my ability of gathering". He is so worried about the foxes going into his garden, I think he just wants to get rid of me while he hunts them. He knows I dislike it when they hunt. I am not a child anymore, I love hunting, I wish he would stop treating me like one. So far i have found a blue butterfly wing. Loven forbade me to use Moon Sugar without supervision, honestly, I don't blame him. Skooma is pretty popular with Khajiits. I never could see why my mother was so addicted to it. Impaired senses and then lethergy? Sounds exhilerating. Im about to reach the farm, I had better hide this before Loven sees it.

Daoine The Sly [Bosmer/AD]
Nauro The Taken Wolf [Bosmer/EP]
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