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Chapter 2: The Birth Of Ionith

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Chapter 2: The Birth Of Ionith

3E 288 - 1st of Last Seed: Arnilius hung his head over the top edge a watchtower built in Septimia in awe of its height. The emperor had made many alterations to the town over the past weeks. Towers kept watch over the large fields that reached out like claws grabbing the lands, with legionnaires vigilant for their unseen foe to return to Septimia. Arnilius had a heavy-heart from his brother leaving to scout the lands around Septimia. He had already been gone for over a month for what should have lasted a week at the most. He stood watch in one of these towers, and upon raising his head from his thoughts, he saw with a squint of his eyes and furrow of his brow two horses returning. The sun chased into the hands of the earth behind them, with a vivid array of red battling the blue of the sky around. He quickly rang the bell in his tower and slid down the ladder, slamming his steel shoes on the ground below.

“Scouts have returned!” Arnilius shouted to the others. One of the other Auxiliaries walked quickly to match his pace to the gates asking, “How many?” Arnilius merely turned with a solemn look on his face which spoke grim tidings. The Auxiliary then ran off to fetch an officer upon this and Arnilius opened the wood and steel gates. They were massive doors, but the engineers made them easy enough to open from the inside. The two horses had bloodied men on them full of arrows, their corpses hunched over towards the heads of their armored mounts.

Arnilius turned in sorrow to General Tirelius that had just arrived with two Legates behind him on either side. Arnilius spoke out, “These men were with my brother's group. . Your excellency.” He strained to maintain his respect out of grief. The General stood solemn but stern as the two men were taken off from their horses by two of the other legionnaires with many others gathered around. He then took a few steps to Arnilius who was staring out of the gate where the horses came from. There was a fire in his eyes that roared that he would find his brother. The General merely laid a hand on Arnilius' left shoulder and turned back to return to what had been the headquarters of Septimia. It was a small building for a war council, however, but it was rich with foreign design patterns from wall to wall. Even the roof hooked at the corners like that of the home of the Blades in Cyrodiil that Arnilius visited when he was very young.

Arnilius walked through the busy streets of Septimia as night fell and his watch on the tower concluded at the day's end. He noticed the walls of certain buildings having dragon-like markings etched into its smooth. They depicted something, but he scarcely knew what. As he reached the town's center, he looked over to the harbor which had been unloading a couple hundreds of colonists. Some looked to be simple farmers, while others were traders, weavers, and smiths. Arnilius paid them no mind, however, and continued up to the building holding the Commission and Emperor. He had a determination to find out what was to happen of his brother.

Upon his approach, he noticed two blades guarding the door in their elite armor with curved akaviri blades at their hilts. He casually slipped away from the stair leading up to the building to not be noticed and made his way around a corner at the end a long street. He jumped up from a barrel up against the wall onto the roof top of a long rectangular building. The roof had a sharp slant making his crossing slow, but he was virtually invisible to any in the streets below as the roofs jutted out over them to block view. Although the engineers had made many guard posts for Septimia so that sneaking in was near impossible, they had not thought to stop people sneaking from inside. This made Arnilius' way to the Emperor's building undisturbed.

He jumped across a large gap to make it upon the roof of the Emperor's building on its left side. After a the landing, one of the blades at the front came to the edge to investigate, but Arnilius had already made his way from the side of the roof. Staying deathly silent as he edged his way off of the back of the roof to a window. He creaked the window open slowly and made his way indoors to a bedroom to get closer to what was the war room. He put his ear against the door to listen to those inside, hoping to get information on his brother. He caught what he thought to be General Tirelius' voice in mid-conversation, “. . Is no way for us to act!” He seemed very agitated, but his voice was still calm for how much anger it let off.

“Why should we care for the loss of twenty legionnaires? They died doing their duty, and if anything we learned our enemy is actually here on Akavir!” Another voice shouted back in a very deep, terrifying voice that rasped as he spoke.

The general and this other man's voices started to overlap one another as they argued. It was silenced by the sliding back of a chair and slam of hands on the table, “ENOUGH! I will not have my Commission & Generals fighting amongst themselves!” The two silenced to this powerful yet clear voice, as did the rest of the room. This was until he spoke again after a few moments of pause, “Every legionnaire in my legion is worth the risk!” Arnilius heard a distasteful grunt at this from someone in the room as the man continued, “. . However. . In such circumstances we can't risk sending so many men after them, Tirelius.” The general then spoke with respect, but anger was in his tone, “Those men bled for you, your grace. Would we so easily throw away that sacrifice of information at the chance that their killers would succeed again?”

Arnilius heard what he knew had to be the Emperor walk through the other room for a few moments before answering, “We cannot. . I have spoken, and it will be so. We will, however, not sit idly by as we get picked off piece by piece. General Tirelius, General Harrin, We will take your legions upriver in three days. We will see what we can make of this new so-called city with the might of the 10th and 14th legions. You are dismissed!” At this he heard the steps of the Commission out of the main door, but overheard the Emperor pacing around the room after. He stepped back slow then out the window again. He quickly made it to his barracks. Upon his entry, Lilissandra & Zan'ir were playing a game with dice on the floor between beds until Lilissandra turned swiftly to notice Arnilius enter. She sensed worry and tension in him, and asked slow, “Arnilius? What is it?”

He snapped out of his minor trance and turned to them, “We march in three days.” These words stunned Lilissandra, but Zan'ir smirked and said, “Then in three days Zan'ir takes his prey.” He then entered his bed and continued, “Hopefully the prey does not hide.” Arnilius turned his gaze back to his footlocker and spoke hesitantly, “I hope so too.”

The next three days were a blur as troops were preparing for the next march. Legionnaires and colonists both had been working to cap off supplies which had begun to dwindle as of late. Arnilius merely stood in his watchtower as he did every day. However, there was no activity in these three days which left Arnilius mostly to his thoughts. Arnilius hardly could eat either, whether it was from anxiety of the possible battle, or his brother being lost in Akavir, he did not know. He paid little mind to his friends also after his brother had disappeared. Thoughts ran through his head that he could have helped him if he had chosen to go with his brother. It was this way until he was paid a visit from his friend, Azafar, dressed in the robes and armors of a battlemage of the legion. He saw little of him as of late, as Azafar was a value to the Legion in more way than casting fireballs, as were many of the battlemages.

Azafar stood leaned against the nearest building to Arnilius' watchtower as night began to emerge. Arnilius slid down the ladder as he usually did. Arnilius greeted him with a firm handshake and Azafar with a feint smile as suited his silent nature. They walked side by side down the main street of Septimia talking of the happenings they had in the weeks they had been ashore on Akavir. It was short-lived, however, as Arnilius was urged to his barracks by each legionnaire of the 10th passing him by on the road to get an early sleep. He finally gave in to his eyelids caving in on themselves and bid Azafar a farewell once more. Azafar nodded without a word of parting on his leave, and continued his way down the road to his chambers.

The night was an easy thing to pass for Arnilius in some way. He felt prepared, and very glad to not be traveling by the sea once more. It had also been a hallow victory in his eyes as well as many others to obtain Septimia. He longed for battle, even though the stories of his father's battles may have frightened him when he was younger. Everyone woke right as the sky broke the night into dawn. He strapped his armor on him with haste, and gave a nod to Lilissandra & Zan'ir leaving their room ready as they would ever be. Once suited, he ate half a loaf of simple bread and salted beef at his table, anxious for the road ahead. He hurried himself out his door and into the street where many other legionnaires, battlemages, archers, and few cavalry had made their way out the gates.

Once outside, they formed in large groupings of a thousand men as they marched onward. With the river inlet on their side, and only plains beyond, they marched for nearly a full day before reaching eyesight of the city. Within an hour they were upon it. Arnilius, with many other legionnaires beside him, were sweating and tired from the march. It was a sight to be seen, however, as the mountains came in from either side of the river to pierce the City. A third mountain range had pierced it from its flank as well. All of that to follow by the river ending at its walls. It stood as a city crossroads to lands deeper into Akavir. It's walls were high, and painted banners were in colors of green, red, and gold. Towers dotted along the walls as well, and inside there were buildings tall and small as befit a city.

It was obvious, however, that this city had been abandoned as well upon their approach. No one was guarding the walls, and the gates were unlocked to any who may wish to enter. Arnilius trifled along with the 10th legion at every side into the bustling ghost of a city. Walls were painted and etched stone riddled some of the buildings. They all shared the architecture of Septimia, but each building much grander. Each building was like that or greater than that of the building the Emperor was in in Septimia. As the 10th legion with Arnilius only 4 lines from the front of it entered, they moved down one of the crossroad sections in the city heading northwest with another thousand or so men. Arnilius hardly looked behind him, but knew that there was a huge mass of legionnaires there by the stomping of the feet throughout the journey. That stomping was louder and faster, however, as they moved through the city like a swarm. Arnilius' anxiousness turned to disappointment, however, when no horns blew for combat throughout the city. In a matter of minutes, the legions formed in the massive square sitting in front of the palace of the city, which had a roof of gold and green plating, and spikes coming from the many edges. Those legions which did not fit in the square conformed outside of it in the streets, still within earshot to the Emperor who stood upon the doorway of the palace. He flew the doors open with his dragon armor shining from the low sun in the sky, and upon seeing it to be empty as well he, he turned to the legions with sheathing his sword.

“It seems our foe is that of cowardice!” The emperor bellowed out in arrogant jest, to which some legionnaires laughed while others smirked and grinned – Arnilius being one of them, still disappointed to be unable to face his foe. The Emperor then continued after a brief glance at General Harrin and Tirelius, “I hereby declare this city to be named, Ionith!” All of the legionnaires cheered, including Arnilius. There was a despair in all their tones, and some even that of fear themselves. Arnilius could sense the uneasy hurrah's from the men, and even had an uneasy cheer to give himself. The day had then finally left and it was full dark, and the city now in the grasp of the Emperor. Arnilius felt like no conqueror though when sleeping that night. He felt as if everyone had been being watched at every moment by their foe. Never has he faced an enemy or even heard of one that would abandon its own towns and cities. He had a dreamless sleep that night, and only remained anxious of the battle he was sure to come.


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