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Character Bio Kellen Lecroix

Started by Kellyn Lecroix
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact
Character Bio- Kellen Lecroix
First name - Kellen
Surname - Lecroix
Title - The Forsaken Crow
Sex - Male
Race - Dunmer
Age - 25
Occupation –Commander
Faction – Ebonheart Pact, Forsaken Legion (personal guild)
Appearance – His skin is midnight black his only coloured features are his eyes, beard and hair all of which are white. His armour is of Dunmer origin its style having distinct similarities to a Night Raid Ordinator. His physical stature is lean and tall with average muscle mass
Personality – Unwavering loyalty, reserved, prefers isolation

Social Background/Back-story – People often ask him this question. Once upon a time (as these stories often begin) he had a wife and child and home given to him for serving his homeland and the Pact faithfully. Whilst on an errand for his father Andreas, he receives a letter from his servant claiming something terrible has happened at his family home. Upon arriving he sees his family restrained and being tortured by a rival High Elven house named House Charmlock. Begging for only the safe release of his family he asks what there demands are and they were simple....renounce all titles to House Charmlock and they will be free. Kellen refused and in reply House Charmlock enforcers held Kellen down as he had to watch his son and wife be horribly mutilated in front of his very eyes, he is left unconscious near the remains. As dawn approaches the next morning he requests an audience with House Dres demanding they bring the head of Charmlock to him...House Dres refuses to help so Kellen takes drastic measures. In the dead of night he approaches Ash Mountain where the Charmlock enforcers made camp, he draws his bow killing the sentinels in quick succession and then blazes the camp swords drawn and makes quick work of the enforcers leaving only the heir to House Charmlock remaining alive and so he knocks him unconscious and returns him to the Lecroix estate. And on one summers morning when the sun splashed down upon his home he brought the heir to House Charmlock to House Dres...well...pieces of him anyway.

Best Memory – Giving his son a wooden knight toy
Worst Memory – Watching his wife and son be horribly mutilated in front of him
Skills – Persuasive, One- Handed proficiency, skilled with a bow, Medium Armour, Alchemy
Challenges for the Character – Cant be alone all the time
Birth sign – The Serpent
Religious views – Worships the Daedric Goddess Nocturnal
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