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Chat setting in game ESO

Started by Alpha2k
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THis is my first post here, so I'll say hello, and hope I posted in the correct forums. Only thing I saw was general and mechanics of the game so not sure which one to post in so I chose here. If this is the wrong spot I appologize ahead of time and please feel free to move it to the correct spot.

Not that that's out of the way on to my question.

This is concerning chat windows/tab in ESO.

I understnad how to create new tabs and have multiple tabs in a single chat window, and also how to filter each tab ie: group tab I have only group, pm(privte message) I have only tells and says, chat tab I have everything except group and tells and says.
Now here is the problem I find and have a problem on how to set.

I want to set each tab to stay at what I put it at in the lower left corner where you can choose what you want to chat in ie: /group, /chat, /guild1 etc.. as I switch to each tab, I have to select each tab every time.

Right now I have to select for each tab what I want to use but what I want to do is, make each tab stay in it's coordinated chat ie: I want to switch to guild tab, and have it already set for guild tab and have it stay on /guild1, or pm tab and have it stay for /tell or /say, group tab have it stay on /group and so on per tab.

I had to go thru a long explanation because everyone is always telling me to go to filters, but there is no filter for this option under filters, so.....all this being said, is there a way to set that up to make each tab use said /chat option and stay?

I hope this all made sense.

thanks for any help.
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I don't know how to fix your problem sadly.
I have an intresting problem with my chatt tabs.
I also have many diffrent tabs one for each guild and for Group.
My problem is that I need to put in the name for tha tabs every time I logg on.
But that's not the wierd part, the wierd part is that only some of the tab names disaperes and some of them not.
All the settings are still there it's only some of the names that are gone.
I have no clue what so ever why it does that X)
/Nathalie Wolfborn
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