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Chpater I: A Typical Day

Started by Iamme123
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Author's Note: Before we begin I would like to let you all know that this story is inspired by a character I wished to make, but saw that it would fit into very little RP scenarios. You will all see why after reading through the story. I would also like to inform you that I have never heard of/played a TES game based on Valenwood. The information on the province and its establishments, wild-life, etc., I use during the story will be fabricated through my imagination and any source of lore I can find.

Chapter 1: A Typical Day
It was a typical day like any other in the deep woods of around Greenheart. Arthes Merilel was out hunting game, as she always did to support her family. She waited in a patch of thick foliage, an arrow knocked on her self-made, custom bow. It had recently rained a fair amount and a water hole had formed in front of the spot she chose. She knew that there would be countless other watering holes throughout the woods, along with streams and dew, but she thought she would wait where she was and get lucky.

She had been there for around an hour. Her clothes were soaked from crawling into the wet foliage and having it drip down onto her. The brown pants and green long-sleeved shirt she wore were a shade darker due to the water. The dirt she had rubbed on her face, to make her already brownish skin browner, had washed off. Her dark brown, shoulder-length hair was stuck to her head and neck. She constantly blinked to keep the water out of her green-pupiled eyes. Her soft leather shoes were damp and would eventually give her feet blisters. She resolved to wait longer until she moved to a different spot.

After waiting, what she thought, was another hour, Arthes climbed out of the foliage. She wasn't disappointed about seeing nothing. She had a hunter's patience and that's what made her one of the best of her city, even for being a young-adult. She adjusted her equipment; her quiver of 20 iron arrows, a steel dagger that lay at her belt, a game bag, and a gatherer's bag; and continued on to another spot.

It took her less than twenty minutes to travel a distance that would take normal hunter thirty-five. She knew the woods like the handgrip of her bow. She came to a stream that she had been to a week before. She scaled a tree after applying a new coat of mud to her face and armpits, trying to mask her scent. She waited for a little over a half hour when a group of four boars approached the stream to get a drink. They checked on the ground around the stream to make sure the area was safe, then relaxed and started to drink.

Arthes thought to herself, "Nothing ever looks up," as she drew her bow from where she was perched on a wide branch. The drawback of the bow made a small noise, which caused the boars to stop and tense, listening for if they actually heard a sound or not. Arthes held her draw for the minute it took them to go back to drinking water peacefully. She could hold her draw for a few minutes for the bow was a hunting bow afterall, with a draw-weight strong enough to kill most animals in an arrow or two, which in all cases required only a relatively medium draw weight.

As Arthes let the arrow loose the bow made a 'twang' sound which caused the boars to scatter, but not before the lightning speed of the arrow found its mark directly behind the right shoulder of the smallest looking boar. She judged that the shot was around thirty yards from up in the tree as she waited for the sounds of the boars to die away, then waited another twenty minutes to make sure no predators that were in the immediate area showed up. None did so she climbed down and crossed to the boar, counting the space from the tree to the boar, which was barely above thirty yards, compensating for the angle and height too. She cleaned the animal of its insides, kept the heart, and cut out the meatiest parts and placed them in her game bag. She would now return home with the food that would feed her family; her mother, father, and two brothers; for a few days.

As she walked back she gathered what she could from the forest. Berries, roots, and the like that could be eaten. She trecked silently in her soft leather shoes along the way, although she grimaced when she could feel the blisters starting to form. In around forty-five minutes she had gotten back to Greenheart. She greeted, and was greeted, on her way back to her home, but something felt off. They had sympathetic looks or gave half-hearted greetings instead of their normal enthusiastic ones. She wondered why they were acting the way they were.

As she approached her house she saw from afar that there were two soldiers in Elven armor standing at either side of the doorway. She approached cautiously, noticing they were Altmer. As she drew near, the Altmer soldiers stepped forward and said, "You must be Arthes. Please enter your home, our Sergeant would like to have a word with you and your family." Arthes entered her home, not knowing why the soldiers were there, or why they wanted to speak to her in her middle-class home.

To be continued...

*facepalm* I spell-checked everything except the title. If there is someone with the power to change the title, please spell 'Chapter' right.
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It's a really great story, there is a suspense left at the ending. I wantz moar! Are these soldiers from the first or second Aldmeri Dominio? You know what, don't tell me. Storytell me.

PS: There are no games that have been based on Valenwood, sadly.
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