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Clan Frost-Howl : EP : EU : LF RP-PvPers! (Werewolf-based, Nords Only)

Started by Arbjorn
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
*A notice is post on the bulletin board of the main plaza of a small fishing village. The writing has been scrawled in a scarlet red liquid, rather than normal ink. A strange symbol is sloppily drawn at the bottom of the post, ending the notice altogether.*

We are Clan Frost-Howl. We derive from those of the old days, from those who discovered Skyrim, in a way history might not tell. For we are the damned, they feared and the despised; the plague on a continent struggling to survive.

We are Clan Frost-Howl. We are the descendants of Ulfkriid the Mighty, son of Vulkar the Mad, blessed by the Divines and by the bestial Hircine Thouself, Lord of the Hunt and Father of the Beast. We are the sons and daughters of a crippling legacy, an unknown kingdom, a story untold.

We are Clan Frost-Howl. We are the first into battle; the fearless warriors with warpaint of blood smeared on our face. We are the very definition of Fear itself; when our horns have been blown, our drums have been beaten, and our swords have been drawn, you will know what is coming.

*A distant howl can be heard as you read this. You look left and right, and eyes the color of the moon can be seen in the woods bordering the village.*

Clan Frost-Howl
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Arbjorn Frost-Howl
Zeymah of the Bromlokiir

'This is where we fight! This is where we die!' - King Leonidas
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