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Clan Frost-Howl [RP - A Nordic Werewolf Guild]
Clan Frost-Howl [RP - A Nordic Werewolf Guild]

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Arbjorn.
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About Clan Frost-Howl [RP - A Nordic Werewolf Guild]
Main Frost-Howl Archives Frost-Howl Kin
The Original Werewolf Guild.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Clan Frost-Howl~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Descendants of a Legend

We are Clan Frost-Howl. We derive from those of the old days, from those who discovered Skyrim, in a way history might not tell. For we are the damned, the feared and the despised; the plague on a continent struggling to survive.

We are Clan Frost-Howl. We are the descendants of Ulfkriid the Mighty, son of Vulkar the Mad, blessed by the Divines and by the bestial Hircine Thouself, Lord of the Hunt and Father of the Beast. We are the sons and daughters of a crippling legacy, an unknown kingdom, a story untold.

We are Clan Frost-Howl. We are the first into battle; the fearless warriors with warpaint of blood smeared on our face. We are the very definition of Fear itself; when our horns have been blown, our drums have been beaten, and our swords have been drawn, you will know what is coming.

Hircine Will Smile Upon Our Battles...

We are Clan Frost-Howl.




Apply via the guild website at; PM Arbjorn for any questions you might have. Welcome to Clan Frost-Howl!


((Let it be known these IMPORTANT things..))

This is a Heavy RP [Role Playing] Clan, first and foremost, based in Skyrim, upon Nordic lore, and Hircine, the Lord of the Hunt. Secondly, we aim to steer us into more of a PvP [Player Versus Player] minded guild, but we will be open to other aspects of the game as well. This will be a War Tribe.

We accept NORDS ONLY. The lore is Nord-based and the Guild Hall will be in Skyrim, therefore it would go against the story to accept any other races.

I aim to enlist AT LEAST 10 players into the ranks of Clan Frost-Howl before TES:O launches. Admin ranks up for grabs.

ICly, the symbol of the Clan is worn as warpaint on the faces of our warriors.

The goal of this Guild is bring together Roleplayers from multiple different backgrounds and varying stories, all while contributing to the Clan's story as a whole. Again, as stated before, PvP will *hopefully* be a secondary specialization.

Feel free to indulge yourself into this world that we have created for Clan Frost-Howl. We would love to have you in our Clan, and hopefully you'll be able to add even more to our lore!

All lore is completely irrelevant to the Elder Scrolls saga, and all and any names that are seen both in the game and this Clan are completely unrelated [Unless RPing intervenes, of course].

Ranks are available for the taking, though they won't be given straight up-and-front. Make sure to send Arbjorn a Private Message or leave a comment on the Clanpage if YOU ARE INTERESTED IN JOINING.


Clan News

This is where the News of the Clan will be updated daily; make sure to check up every day to see how we fare!

PvP News

- With the opening of Cyrodiil to the Ebonheart Pact, you can count on the Fo-Grohiik of Clan Frost-Howl to be tearing into the Pact's foes on the frontlines. Indeed, the Clan as a whole will be engaging in the RvR conflict taking place between the warring factions. -

Dir voth Bahlok, Fo-Grohiik!

- We have no reason to hold a fort in Cyrodiil; we merely need to strike fear into the hearts of potential invaders. Skyrim is Nord territory, not to be ruled by the likes of puny elves.

This does not mean we cannot overtake a fort; we will have organized raiding parties to run through the countryside to terrorize Imperial villages, sieze control of various outposts in the name of Ulfkriid and in the name of the Pact, so on and so forth. -

Roleplay News

- As Chieftan, I am glad to say that we have begun to negotiate an official alliance with our Shield-Brethren in the Bromlokiir. Further progress will be reported. -


Shield-Brethren of Clan Frost-Howl

Chieftan - Arbjorn Frost-Howl

Recruiting for positions now!


Please visit to apply to join Clan Frosthowl.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Archives of Clan Frost-Howl~~~~~~~~~~~~

Origins of a Wanderer

It all started with Ulfkriid the Mighty --- legendary founder of Clan Frost-Howl --- when he was born hundreds of years ago in the later Merethic Age, after the establishment of the first Nordic settlement on Tamriel: Saarthal. His parents - Vulkar the Lesser and Ysolda White-Fire - were among the second wave of settlers from Atmora after the famous expeditions led by Ysgramor.

The Rise of Courage

Not necessarily the mightiest of the Nords, Ulfgarth's father Vulkar was a mere craftsman, excelling primarily as a carpenter. His life on Atmora was rather dull; as a child, Vulkar was rather weak of body and physicality. Furthering himself even more as a target for the much larger and stronger of the other Nordic children, Vulkar made it his personal mission to educate himself on the craft of wood-carving at an age of about 9 years. However, as his peers grew up to be great warriors and champions of his village, Vulkar grew weary of the constant degradable attitude shown towards him and decided to change his life around. At an age of about 17 years, in an attempt to earn the respect of others, Vulkar signed himself up for the colonization voyages for the newly-discovered lands, offering his crafting services in exchange for a small pocket of land in the new world.

The Bravery of a Nord

As Vulkar packed up his few belongings, including nothing more than his carpenting tools, a simple bedroll, and the clothes on his back, he left the village of his childhood and never looked back. People simply stared as Vulkar walked slowly away, certain that he would meet his doom at sea...

The Love of Companionship

Later Merethic Age, Seven Years Later...

Vulkar survives his long, two-year voyage, where his particular longboat was forced to stop nearly mid-voyage for repairs on a remote island. While stranded on the island, Vulkar fell in love with one of the other colonists in his group. Her name was Ysolda White-Fire, who bore the name of a rather well-respected clan back on Atmora. She, against her father's wishes, also volunteered herself to the expeditions in an attempt to escape the easy fruit-picking, risk-free, nonchalant life that she had led prior. The pair came from two VERY different backgrounds, though as time took it's course, Vulkar managed to win her over by crafting a beautiful wooden bear for her as a gift.

The Initiative of Establishment

Vulkar and his outfit finally arrive on the northern coast of present-day Skyrim, in an area adjacent to the present-day Winterhold. While he and the others were repairing the longboat and struggling to survive on the isle, the first wave of settlers had already made it to Tamriel and had established the city of Saarthal, which was thriving at the time despite the harshness of the environment.

Anyways, as the Nords of Vulkar and Ysolda's group finally reached Skyrim, they too decided to establish their own settlement, for they had no idea about the whereabouts of the other colonists. As different Nords filled different roles, a stable community was formed and the city of Volkstead was born.

The Birth of a Legend

As the denizens of Volkstead went about their daily lives, aiding each other by working to achieve the common goal of simply surviving, Ysolda gave birth to a strong and sturdy son. Jointly, Vulkar and Ysolda agreed to name the child 'Ulfkriid', meaning 'Wolf Slayer' in the Nordic tongue.

Vulkar on the outside was completely happy about this new arrival, though on the inside, he felt an uneasy suspicion as to the true origins of the newborn child. True, Ulfkriid differed drastically from either parent in multiple different ways: while Vulkar and Ysolda both sported a brown mane, Ulfkriid bore a flaming red temple; while neither parent was particularly large in either height or muscle, Ulfkriid showed an abundance in promise as he was an unusually large child. As he grew, strength and muscle began to develop early and Ulfkriid was as big --- if not bigger --- as the bullies of Vulkar's past. For this, you can assume, Vulkar began to grow confused and angry as visions of his past assailants started to surface.

Later Merethic Era, Twenty-One Years after Vulkar's Departure from Atmora...

At the age of about 14 years, Ulfkriid was a bulging mass of arrogance and strength. Towering over even the tallest of adults in Volkstead, the red-headed Nord saw himself as an exception to the rules of the elders - even his own parents. He openly defied their rule over him, and oftentimes wouldn't acknowledge their presence in the slightest of ways. All of this, in addition to strange visions of his past, made Vulkar experience a boiling, unending rage inside of him. The fights got longer, and the rage got larger... until, once again, Vulkar finally snapped.

The Enlightenment of Morality

In the end, Ulfkriid learned a valuable lesson through the most difficult way imaginable - morality. Vulkar went on a psychotic rampage, using his carpenting tools and taking not only his life, but Ysolda's as well. Ulfkriid, witnessing the death of his two beloved yet maltreated parents, ran from Volkstead as he was drowned by grief and sorrow. He retreated into distant cave near the shores of the Sea of Ghosts, contemplating the idea of joining his parents in Sovngarde. As Ulfkriid lost himself to the deepest recessions of his mind, he failed to notice another presence in the cave with him...

The Blessing of Hircine

A rigid, hoarse voice filled his mind, demanding the reason for his mourning. Ulfkriid emotionlessly replied with the story of his sorrow, and the voice rumbled the cave with deep, hearty laughter. He revealed himself to be the Daedric Prince Hircine, Lord of the Hunt, Father of the Werewolf; furthermore, he gave Ulfkriid a tempting offer that he believed would 'fill' the emptiness inside of him: the Blood of the Beast. Without a second thought, Ulfkriid grabbed the goblet and gulped the contents of it... giving him the strength of a wolf, with the mind of a man.

The Outcast of Tamriel

Ulfkriid was given the ability to transform randomly and uncontrollably as a Wolf-Man, giving him unimaginable strength and power... for a cost: an insatiable hunger. Be it human, animal, or something completely otherworldly, Ulfkriid was an abominable monstrosity when in his 'other' form. Given his already brute physique and short-tempered nature, his transformations only made him worse. He was feared and hunted by all.... be it terrorized farmers, proud hunters, or patrolling soldiers.

Eventually, Ulfkriid grew weary of running and hiding, and decided to go against his pride and search for help. In his travels for a cure to Hircine's 'plague', as Ulfkriid took to calling it, he stumbled across others of his kind. Ulfkriid gathered them and, seeing that he was not the sole carrier of Hircine's 'gift', as Ulfkriid switched to calling it once more, established the Original 100 Fo-Grohiiks and thus was born the...

Clan Frost-Howl

Finally, Wolf-Men among the thousands of Nords in the Fatherland could band together to achieve a common goal of survival. And, with Ulfkriid and his puzzling history in mind, the Original Council of Clan Frost-Howl established these core principles...


Principles of Clan Frost-Howl

Courage - 'Tis found in the core of all Nords; it's what drives us to Do the Undoable; Think the Unthinkable; and Beat the Unbeatable. 'Stand tall with your Shield-Brethren, and Meet the Enemy with Sword and Shield in hand.'

Bravery - Pairs well with Courage; you do not need to be Fearless to be Brave, 'alas the Bravest of Heroes are named so for facing their Fears. 'Conquer the enemies of your Nightmares, and be hailed a Hero to all.'

Love - All creatures must feel Mara's Comfort at least once in their lifetime; 'Show Love to your Shield-Brother, and recieve Love in return.'

Initiative - 'Tis Initiative that Drives the Community as a whole; 'Take that Extra Step towards Success, and be Rewarded in return.'

Enlightenment - Enlightenment is the only a means of Unlocking the Knowledge with us; 'Educate yourself on Clan Matters and Remain Among the Wary.'

Blessings - 'Tis few in number and therefore Countable; 'Embrace the Blessing of Hircine for 'tis a Gift like no other.'

Outcasts - 'Tis the Name in which we have been Branded; 'Fight for Thyself and Fight for Thy Shield-Brother, for Many is better than One.'

Trials of the Fo-Grohiik

Hircine, Drog se Nir

Hircine, Drog se Nir, Bormah se Fo-Grohiik, drem yol lok. Mu draal fah Hio, fah Hio ov mu voth faal Suleyk se Sunvaar. Mu draal fah Hio, voth Bahlok ahrk Kah. Mu grind faal Paal voth Zahkrii ahrk Spaan. Mu wuth Ahkrin fah Hio, ahrk win Kein voth Jul do folaas. Mu beyn Faas, ahrk mu nahkip nau faal Sahlo. Mu Fo-Grohiik se Brod, ensosin voth daar Dur, draal fah Hio.
Fah Hircine.

Mu faal Fo-Grohiik...

Hircine, Lord of the Hunt, Father of the Frost-Wolf, hear thy greetings. We pray for You, for You trust us with the Power of the Beast. We pray for You, with Hunger and Pride. We meet the Enemy with Sword and Shield. We seek Courage for You, and wage war with the blinded men. We scorn Fear, and we feed on the Weak. We Frost-Wolves of the Clan, bewitched with this Curse, pray for You. For Hircine.

We the Frost-Wolves...

Found scrawled on an ancient stone tablet inside a cave along the Northern shore of Skyrim.

[font=Times New Roman]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~Brothers & Sisters of the Frost Moon~~~~~~~~~

Among Our Pack

We are Clan Frost-Howl. We are a family of Nords who seek a common goal in this war-torn world - Survival. All are equal, all are heard; the heirarchy still stands, however. There is no prejudice between the descendants of Ulfkriid the Mighty. Now, with that being said, RESPECT is something that is not given, bought, or owned by birthright - Respect is EARNED.

The ranks of Clan Frost-Howl are merely based upon the Respect that any Shield-Brother or Shield-Sister of the Clan earns. Respect can be earned through a variety of ways - you take your pick. With this Interreggum, Tamriel has been thrown into it's darkest days - it is survival of the fittest; however, you will not be alone.

A howl can be heard in the night. A beat of a drum can be felt in the ground. A horn is blown, and an Pack can be seen in the hills. A battlesong leaps from the throats of hundreds, 'IN DO BRON! IN DO FOGROHIIK! DIR VOTH BAHLOK!!!'

Requirements to Join

There are several prerequisite actions that must be taken in order to pledge allegiance to Clan Frost-Howl.

Oath of Honor. A pledge of loyalty to your Clan, of a duty to your brothers and sisters, and of the Drog do faal Nir, the Lord of the Hunt, Hircine. (Feel free to pledge in the guild's comment box. Must be reviewed and approved by a Du'ul. Oath can be found below.)

Character Backstory. This is a Heavy Roleplaying Nord-style, Pack-mentality type Guild. This is also a Clan of semi-civilized, primal Werewolves. In any case, 'RPing' is required of the members, and you will be expected to stay IC (In Character) 100% of the time IN GAME. This does NOT mean that you have to be IC on alternate channels, i.e. external OOC (Out Of Character) Guild Chat, Trade Chat, etc etc.

NORDS ONLY! The lore is based on the Nords, so it only makes sense to allow only Nord applicants. This is for strict RP purposes, as the Clan is based in Skyrim, with Nordic lore and complete Nordic origins.

WEREWOLF-BASED CLAN! The Clan's Patron is the Lord of the Hunt, otherwise known as the Daedric Prince 'Hircine'. Therefore, a lot of the Clan's history is Werewolf-related as well as Nord-related.

Active In-Game. We aren't crazy - We know RL dominates some gamers, and RL should affect your game time in some way, shape or form. We just ask that you make an effort to be at Gatherings, Councils, etc etc.

Oath of Honor

In times of Peace,
In times of War,
In a Pact forged in Blood,
In a Bond forged under Mara,
From the Plague of Madness,
To the Gift of the Beast,


((English Translation))

Of the Nords,
Of the Frost-Wolf,
Die with Hunger!


Ranks of the Clan

The Ranks of Clan Frost-Howl represent the Respect that is placed with that particular member, as well as the Honor that he/she has achieved.

Council of Onikaan

Du'ul - 'King'

The Du'ul of the Clan is the Alpha-Male, in a sense. He has displayed strength and utilized wisdom when needed, and has the final say for all decisions of the Clan.

Du'ul literally translates into 'Crown', meaning that the Du'ul are at the Head of the Clan. The Du'ul consists a trio of the direct descendants of Ulfkriid the Mighty, founder of Clan Frost-Howl. The Du'ul will have to consult with the Council of Elders when making minor decisions, whereas big decisions will involve the Clan as a whole. Arbjorn the Bear is the Chieftan of the Clan, a rank seperate from the Du'ul, yet is at the Head of the Du'ul no less. The responsibilities of the Du'ul are great; they must organize the Clan, establish alliances, schedule meetings, so on and so forth.

Onikmun - 'Elder'

The Onikmun of the Clan serve as the bulk of the Council; as a Man gets older, he gains the Gift of Wisdom. It is because of that that the Clan regards Elders so highly, in addition to rewarding the service of a long-time Shield-Brother.

The Onikmun is basically the Wiseman of the Clan; to reach this rank, you must commit some sort of deed that commemorates and confirms your character's wisdom. The rank will most likely be reserved first and foremost (Roleplaying standpoint) for players who Roleplay as an aged, or rather mature, man or woman.

Fo-Grohiik of the Clan

Konahriik - 'Warlord'

The Konahriik of the Clan act as the Guard, or a group of Housecarls. They do not serve the Du'ul solely, rather the Clan as a whole. The Konahriik live to defend the interests of the Clan, and will do anything to uphold their revered reputation.

The Konahriik (Konahriiki - plural) is the Frost-Howl equivalent to a Hold's Housecarl, though the Konahriik themselves aren't dedicated to one specific individual. It's a balancing of power: the Du'ul won't have too much power over the rest of the Clan. A Kendov can achieve the Konahriik title through honorable combat and service.

Kendov - 'Warrior'

The Kendov make up the bulk of the Clan, always fighting on the front line and always fighting to defend the Clan's interests. Men have learned the true meaning of fear at the hands of these Fo-Grohiik, with swords thrashing and fangs biting. Truly a sight to behold.

Nothing is really needed for the OOC translation of this rank, it's the primary fighting force of Clan Frost-Howl, and a member's first promotion will likely be to this position.

Sahsunaar - 'Villager'

The Sahsunaar are the working force of the Clan, consisting of the craftsmen, shopkeepers, etcetera. They are the most essential to the survival of the Clan as a whole, and thus are identified by seperate names.

The Sahsunaar is basically a villager in Clan Frost-Howl, providing for the Clan as well for their own families. This rank will most likely be divided into seperate names depending on the amount of people who take up being a crafter in the guild, both in-game and RP-wise.

Vodahmin - 'Pup'

The Vodahmin of the Clan are at the bottom of the heirarchy, consisting of the unworthy and the unduly. Most newcomers will have to experience the touch of the Vodahmin, going through a series of trials to prove their worth.

The Vodahmin will be an entry-level rank. Short translation: If you're new, you're a Vodahmin. To gain the respect of the rest of the Clan, you must undergo the 'Trials of the Fo-Grohiik' where you must overcome various obstacles, be they physical or mental; after accomplishing that, you will be recognized as a true Child of Ulfkriid, and offered the Sahsunaar or Kendov rank.

Clan Frost-Howl is a trademark of Arbjorn the Bear.
Creation of this Clanpage took consecutively 7 hours, 24 minutes, and 21 seconds.
Planning of the Lore took weeks, and years are hoped to be added onto it.
Many thanks to you for reading up on us. Divines smile upon you, my friend.
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