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Clan Iron Blood

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Casual
Focus : PvP
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by xIrOnZz1998.
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About Clan Iron Blood
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A small, laid back clan residing in the alik'r deserts, We don't care for skill levels but we do not want anymore than 25 members.
Our plan is simple; find a keep and call it home.
We look out for each other and will dwell into the depths of tamriel together in dungeons for gold and other goodies.
We take any race associated with the daggerfall covenant and any choice of weapon, even if its your fists!
Our 2 current members are:
• a redguard archer, wielding dual scimitars when in close combat.
• an orc warrior, wielding a two-handed axe and wearing thick, heavy armour.
We will also join the fight in cyrodil to help the covenant take possesion of the ruby throne.
See you in spring 2014 :)
• ApexOnXbox
• ApEx FisherZz

Clan Leader (runs the show) :
• ApexOnXbox

Clan Elders (respected members of the clan) :

Captain of the guard (takes orders from the leader,
commands scouts, guards, and standard infantry) :
• ApEx FisherZz

Scouts ( elite soldiers gifted in the art of stealth) :

Guards ( guard conquered land, and help capture new land ) :

Standard infantry ( attack enemy operated areas ) :

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