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Clan Koragg : EP : GMT +0 : RP-PvP

Started by Kathal
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About Clan Koragg -Brief History
Clan Koragg is a gaming community of close individuals and friends, established first on the MMO: Age of Conan. Since our creation around May of 2008, we've come a long way. Starting out on the MMORPG Age of Conan our guild of players have expanded across multiple titles, taking the name Clan Koragg with them. Though our true passion lies with roleplaying, bloodshed often goes hand in hand with it. We're avid PvPers and competitors too.

Don't let the name fool you. We're not a "Clan" in the usual online term. It stems from the barbaric clans present in Age of Conan. Most gaming "Clans" usually operate within one game or at least the same gametype, where we like to dip our community toes into a variety of MMORPG's, FPS and Strategy games. The list is too long to name.

House Koragg is our latest endeavor, a heavy RP-PvP guild that aspires to carry our community into and beyond TESO. Our core values, present in every game we go are a strong attachment to the guild brand and community and the determination to fit our standards to both roleplayers and PvP fanatics. We plan on re-creating that same atmosphere and communal spirit that keeps our members coming back, game after game and bolstering our ranks with new and motivated players who wish to engage in our brand of roleplay.

We are an RP-PvP Guild, first and foremost, and neither part of that label is more important to us than the other. We strive to give our members the depth of roleplay they expect, be it far-reaching plots or casual encounters, all the while working to maintain a solid PvP activity on our chosen campaign. The two aspirations often intertwine and allow us to experience the best PvP-RP has to offer, proud of our maxim of 6 years:
"RP and PvP in Perfect Harmony"

Guild Concept -Who we are and what we do
House Koragg is an RP guild within the Ebonheart Pact. We roleplay a noble house of mixed Breton and Redguard stock, their servants, military and associated civilians, all refugees from the Daggerfall Covenant. Most of our House was slaughtered and their holdings destroyed, forcing us to flee to the safety of Skyrim. Thirsting for revenge, our leaders now swear loyalty to the Ebonheart Pact, and take up arms against their former comrades. While once we had lands, money and power, now we rebuild from nothing, determined to regain old glory by the sword's edge.

Dynamic, character-driven RP is at the core of the guild. We start off with nothing, both IC and OOC, and intend to build up organically from there. This ties into our belief that roleplay should be more than just social hub meetings. Through active RP-PvP, trials and mentorships for new members, IC quests, plots, events and cooperation with other guilds we intend to foster an environment of active roleplay and a continually evolving shared storyline.

What goes:
- We welcome all players, regardless of their characters level.
- Focusing on dynamic RP. Break free from typical 'hub' RP.
- Simple and Intricate plots, relaxed every day situations and intriguing dilemmas
- PvE: Instances/Quests in a relaxed and helpful environment
- PvP: Dedicated Cyrodil fighting groups.

The IC Background
The Count of Bhoriane was once well liked by his people, but also ambitious, and an early ally to Wayrest, standing by in the struggle against Durcorach the Black Drake. At the head of one of a hundred smallish houses keeping watch over the Iliac coast, his house, Koragg, has reaped the benefits of open trade across the bay without conflict for several generations - the protective bulk of the Dragontail mountains shielding them against the endless string of tiny conflicts that roll out along the northern border.
Of mixed stock, House Koragg retained strong ties to several historic trade partners south of Markath, to the point where more than a few vassals in the house's service could trace their roots to Skyrim.

At the time King Emeric forsook King Ranser's daughter for the Princess Maraya, The Count had joined him on his trip to Sentinel, a nobleman amongst others in the royal cortege. There he formed an alliance with a Forebear noble line, making long plans that would eventually unite their two houses by the bonds of marriage. Their lands and power brought together in but a few short years, their domains would form a partial vice around the innermost coastline of Iliac Bay. A new trade power would be born. Their star was truly on the rise.

Koragg's staunchest rival in those promising days was the House Brenterch, neighbors to the north-west, enemies in many a small skirmish over the years in a continual struggle for the control of outlying fiefdoms on the fertile shores.
Upon learning of the audacious plans laid out against him and his own, Lord Brenterch knew that he had to act fast... If allowed to ally themselves with other families on the shoreline, Koragg would overpower and absorb his own house within but a few short years. Not having the time or resources to form similar alliances of his own, Lord Brenterch decided on a desperate plan of action. Instead of reaching out for protection, pacts of non-intervention were brokered with speed and little regard to expense, reaching as far as the fringes of King Emeric's court. In return for support and generous donations, Brenterch was assured that when the time came, almost every noble on the coast would turn a blind eye to the final act of his treachery.
How he got into the keep is not known, but the struggle was lost in advance for the hastily rallied retainers of Koragg. The Count, his wife and children were all slain; their heads put on display outside the keep that there would be no doubt as to the identity of the domain's new masters. In the following days a hunt began and swept across the shore, the remaining pockets of resistance wiped out with the aid of other conspirators.
The feud was finally at an end and the once proud House Koragg lay all but completely destroyed.

The few surviving members of Koragg banded together and fled east, crossing leagues of dangerous roads as they made their way towards the safety that Skyrim's borders offered. Most of the fighting men that stayed were Nord, the strong and faithful sort, bound to the family by generations of service. With their help, the ragged band of refugees found safe haven in the rugged back-country of Skyrim, claimed only by name. There they settled and made their homes, at first thought to be temporary, and made plans to retake what rightfully belongs to their blood. With the scouring fast recent in memory, vengeance was sworn of the traitorous Lords of Daggerfall and Wayrest, and the cursed Brenterch line most of all.

Today the remains of House Koragg gather together to broker peace and connections with their new neighbors, struggling to raise a fighting force to assert itself in the region.

Due to the pressures and realities of the last war-torn decade, Koragg today resembles a strange mixture of noble house and professional fighting force. No man holds the title of the Count - Instead, a reagent was chosen from amongst the surviving nobility to keep the heritage of the House alive. His decisions are penultimate, joint with that of a small council of experienced men and women, responsible for the resolution of any problems the House may find itself facing.
Warlike even by nord standards, Koragg military men are held in high regard, represented on every level of the hierarchy and strongly connected to the surviving vassals and peasantry. Their leader, once the Count's right hand, oversees recruitment, training and operations with a rigorous eye, lending his wisdom and tactical acumen to any decision the council makes. Although he has but a seat in council, it is an open secret that his hands grip the strings of power as strong as those of the reagent, the armed branch of Koragg being directly being responsible for the survival of the House in both past and future.

Joining Clan Koragg couldn't be simpler. Head over to this link here which leads to our websites "Recruitment" section. There you'll find an application template for your character and the means to apply for membership and access to the site. You're free to tell us as much or as little as you like in the OOC section of the application, we're always interested in details about our new members.

While House Koragg welcomes characters of all races and creeds, we encourage a "realistic" approach to roleplay situations, up to and including adult concepts. Crime and punishment, racial hate and violence are common themes within the setting and we don't shy away from them. Characters roleplaying templates such as vampires or werewolves, should be aware of the very real risk that comes with discovery.

As always, if you want to discuss things with us? Our officers team is ready to answer any questions or help you to make those first steps into Clan Koragg, in whatever way you wish.

You can contact:


Or for more information of course. visit our website:
Thank you for your time!

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