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[Clarion Call] Garbrac discusses what Megaservers are

Started by Garbrac
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(Sorry about the quality had an issue when rendering will be resolved for next video)

Garbrac helps to shed some light on the Megaserver tech that ZOS will be using for Elder Scrolls Online.

Megaservers -
When you log in, you are connected to the Mega Server no need to select a server.

New MMO Standard
All players are on one megaserver but in separate "worlds"
These "Worlds" are not Static, the game can create new ones, or merge "worlds" based on demand
A way to understand this new type of technology is if you are playing in an area that can support 1000 people and during peak times there are over 5000 people on, the game will create 5 different "worlds" of the area to allow people to continue on without any lag or disruption of service. The game also monitors population and will merge "worlds" should they fall below the minimum, now the numbers provided are not actual numbers they are being used to help understand the technology.

The system is intelligent enough to know to place you in the world your guild members are on and your friends.

This is a intriguing thing to me, if the game knows to merge you with your guild members and friends, will it not run into issues of people not being merged with their friends? The idea; Six Degrees of separation where no one is more than 6 steps away from anyone in the world. So if I am with my friend on a world, is he with his other friend who might not be my friend?

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The stupid thing is Runescape had this years ago, in a Browser MMO XD
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