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Closwald Character Bioa (Critiquing greatly appreciated)

Started by Closwald
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Breton)
this is definitely a work in progress and Breton name suggestions would be greatly appreciated Smiling
I will also post about the Khajiit and Argonian eventually
FIRST NAME• X (haven't thought of one yet so I just put x where I want her name)
GENDER• Female
RELATIONS• Jixon(Male Khajiit, 17, Best Friend), Teer-Wade (Male Argonian, 18, Best Friend)
RACE• Breton
OCCUPATION• Adventurer/Explorer
FACTION• Daggerfall Covenant
PERSONALITY• X is most certainly a people person. She can easily resolve verbal assaults and can't stand to be alone for a minute. Due to her natural ability to successfully socialize with other men and mer, X has developed a sort of control over people. She feels she must be in charge of her party no matter who challenges her. In other words, she is a natural born leader and can do it exceptionally. However due to this control-thing, X naturally looks down upon others and seeing herself as in control. This does not mean she does not respect other races as she actually has no hate for any of them and feels that she is privileged to know connections from foreign provinces... Although the Altmer may be an exception but their magical abilities continue to intrigue her.
As said before, she is very curious and interested in new things, she enjoys to read about magical phenomenons and, alike many other of her race, has a natural knack for magic, possibly better than most.
X has a feisty and witty side to her as well and is most likely the cleverest one in the room. X would never mind a casual drink at the tavern or even a brawl, though she would rather use her words to pummel an opponent rather than her fists. Her snake tongue is almost undeniable. Despite all that said, X is always at war with herself. She sometimes feels misguided and as if she was somehow misplaced a long time ago and can't seem to find her way back.
Even though X is an excellent puzzle-solver, if she is hung up on something, she can't seem to quit. Stuck in a Nordic puzzle chamber? Don't turn back around. That would be silly! Sit there all day 'till you figure it out and see how it works, THEN turn back around! All that nonsense that comes with a curious scholar basically is in the package with X.
BEST MEMORY• A young khajiiti boy, argonian boy, and Breton girl sit atop a cliff, throwing rocks into the steep ravine and watching them tumble all the way down, creating small splashes as they reach impact.
"Why are we up here again?" The young Khajiit asks.
"We're going to fly across." The Breton girl said confidently.
"No. It's too far." The argonian boy chimed in.
"We could jump and try." The Breton suggested.
"Nnn. No."
"Come on! We'll jump together, all three of us, holding hands." She insisted this time, even more confidently than before.
"Fine." Both agreed, the argonian more reluctantly than the Khajiit. They all gripped hands, the small Breton girl in the middle.
"One, two, three-" she closed her eyes and leapt off the side of the edge smiling, even with all her senses telling her not to go.
SKILLS• Persuasian, Intimidation, Destruction, Illusion, Single Handed blade
RELIGIOUS VIEWS• X does believe there are divines however she thinks the daedra are much more powerful as they can interact with Nirn and its people whereas the divines are just kind of there.
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