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Coming Back to ESO and doing a Newbie Let's Play Series. I have a lot of questions an

Started by Kane
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Hi guys. My name is Kane Hart and I run a small Youtube channel. Not going to advertise it not here for that just for answers. I really enjoy playing Elder Scroll games and similar games including many MMO's. I'm going to start back in ESO. I quit at launch not because I disliked the game but my friends all quit within days of buying the game and moved onto other games and pulled me away.
Now it's time for me to take control of my own gaming and play what I want and that is ESO.
I got to about level 20ish last time. I was wondering if there is anything I should save or keep? I plan on Nuking the character mainly because they have the name I want to use as my main character. I also assume I played something like a Nightblade before and I really want to do that again. I was pretty much always the medium armor archer type in Skyrim and loved the hell out of it and would like to do it in ESO.
So I guess the biggest question is what to keep or anything? My bank full just random junk and I doubt I be able to sell it in a dead guilds market in time. Not sure if I can mail myself or to say level 1 alt and just resend back or something later.
I'm also looking for advice on Nightblade archer. What skills what I should focus etc.
Any other advice I would also love as well including recommended addons etc.
I also not sure what faction to pick. Before I played TAD Maybe? The one with Stone something zone. Not sure if there is more pretty leveling side I should consider or even why maybe leveling another faction more important balance or other reasons.
PS: Any recommendation for Gold? Not sure how much and how many Bank / Character Inventory Slots I can have. I would like to get most them maxed out or get them quite high before I get to far. I enjoy hoarding a bit more and learn what I can do with a lot of the mats overtime etc.
Also Gold making tips :)
My character name is Kane Hart btw! NA Server.
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