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Commonwealth Guild EU | Daggerfall | PvE | PvP | 18+

Started by kreios
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commonwealth ~ a group of persons united by common interest and organized for the general good

Alliance: Daggerfall Covenant
Main Timezone: CET ( Central European Time )
Recruitment Status: Recruitment open, for more info please go here.
Guild Focus: PvE and PvP , casual with tendency for hardcore when RL allows it
Guild Leaders: Kreios

Commonwealth is a both PvE and PvP guild and we welcome every race and class as long as it is under the commandment of the Daggerfall Covenant and share similar visions and goals with our own.
Our main goal is creating a long-term and well respected guild on our chosen server within the Elder Scrolls Online universe and providing the best in-game experience for our members on our way up to victory and achievement.

We’re looking to strike the difficult balance between being serious enough to tackle whatever end-game content the games we play have to offer us, while remaining a friendly, social guild. We appreciate the value of social players who never want to raid and are just looking for a community. But we’ve also got an organised core who will be wanting to take on the harder challenges together.

We know real life comes first. We are not going to ever tell anyone how to play, or when to play, nor what class. We respect our members real life commitments but we do have a simple inactivity policy wich every Commonwealth member has to abide to.

We are looking for people who fit in our community. Have a look on our forums and click on a few posts at random that catch your eye and you will get a feel for this guild and the attitude and camaraderie between the members. In Commonwealth everybody is treated as an equal and our most common qualities are being friendly, fun, creative and open-minded, helpful and straightforward. If you shall join our community, you will be treated with friendship and respect from your first day.


1. Is there an age limit for joining ?

Yes, we accept applicants above the age of 18.

2. What's Commonwealth main timezone ?

Central European Time (GMT+1) .

3. What is the process for joining Commonwealth ?

The process is quite simple. Copy/paste recruitment application from our website and make a new thread on our recruitment forums. One of our officers will look over your application and post in your thread.

4. What classes/races are allowed in Commonwealth ?

We accept any Daggerfall Covenant race and class .

5. On what server type Commonwealth will play ?

Atm we don't have enough informations about servers but we are equally interested in PvE and PvP.

6. I'm not hardcore player , will I fit in Commonwealth ?

Absolutely. Assuming you can keep up with our activity requirements which are not too harsh. Pre-game activity is extremely important to our guild.

7. I'm currently in a guild. Can I be in more than one guild?

We do not allowed that due to the fact that we are looking for committed members.

For more informations please visit our website.

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