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Competitive scene

Started by Sheetka
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I'm wondering if players who mostly like to spend their time in mmo's optimizing their character, getting the best possible gear, spend hours raiding or pvp, will get the same satisfaction in ESO as in other games like WoW?

Is ESO more of a ''the journey makes the game'' game, or will we also see serious competition in end-game content?
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I would say there's a lot of competitive play regarding optimization of your character regarding skills and what gear to use at which times.
Both solo and getting a good group that can work together.
I'm not too sure about the gear-grind of countless unnamed MMO's, I'd rather do without that treadmill.

EDIT: Of course, there's going to be good gear to be had from dungeons but you might have to go to a lot of places to get the best combinations that is best for you.
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I would say both based on the fact that for a game to thrive nowadays it needs both aspects.

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There will always be competition, even if the game is not designed for it.

However that being said, PvP is entirely competition, and given TESO's system it could get pretty intense,
I remember in the WoW days of single server PvP, you knew which guilds in the opposite faction were good.

Well now imagine that on a much bigger scale, with a much harsher battle.
Its one thing seeing the best compete for 5 minutes, but when the best of each alliance are clashing. I would love to see that.

In terms of PvE, I can imagine a hardcore scene, but my personal desire for that is more for the journey I guess, It just depends how it plays out. But people will still compete.

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considering the diversity of character builds, I'm sure competition will be intense. For most games, you only get one optimum build, and it's between you the leet tank and the number two leet tank who has one extra stat point somewhere in his gear. But if it's between you and a completely different character build because absolutely no one has a single formula for optimum build then the sky's the limit
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