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Computer Desk

Started by Cairanmac1
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I've been looking at my room and I've come up with a plan to get more space. This will allow me room for a desk as well as a gaming chair. Can anyone recommend a computer desk and/or chair.
I don't need much space on the desk, enough for my monitor and mouse, a spot specifically for my desktop and a tray for my keyboard. I also don't need lots of shelves or drawers or stands for printers.
For the chair I just want/need something comfortable, that's inexpensive and has wheels and can swivel.
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Really any desk will suffice, there's no such thing as getting an advantage because of a desk. Though its aesthetics have to look good to you.
As for chairs, none really. I tend to just use a regular leather (swivelling and such) chair, again they don't really give you an advantage.

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