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Concerning News: The First Letter

Started by Nehemia
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
To the Jaarl of Riften

28th of the Last Seed, 2E 575

The trading caravans have stopped bringing their hauls to the trading post. Occasionally guards report frightened horses running in the woods, and the shrieks of terror are carried in the wind during the night. Suspicion rose to my mind, as I started to believe that this no work of bandits, but an act of sabotage.

Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct. I have acquired proof of an group whom's plans are yet certain to me. They call themselves "the Foundation." Be warned, my dearest Jaarl. We are dealing with something we do not fully understand. There is a rumor going about between the farmers and the workmen of the local meadery, claiming the recent disappearances of the caravans are somehow related to the beings called "vampires." As with my discussion with my colleagues, there should be no active larger organization of vampires in Skyrim. So I am to suspect this "Foundation" of theirs is relatively new.

Whether these acts of sabotage are truly work of those damned beings is still uncertain to me. If I would believe everything the commoners say, a massive troll horde would have sieged Windhelm by now.

I shall attempt to find more proof of this groups existence, and when I do, I shall inform you immediately.

Be safe, stay strong.

Horik Bear-Arm, Scholar, Thane of Riften.
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Colour me intrigued ;)

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